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I drove my mum and siblings to a homeschool poetry recital gathering. We got there finally.....there were SO many cars. Then when we walked in I was met with the news that I had been nominated to go first.....what is worst first or waiting for ages listening to others? I recited My Country by Dorothea Mackellar. Apparently I sounded really good, as usual I was really nervous, not that I had any particular reason to be..... Alice and my two brothers all recited something too.

After that a few of us went to a nearby park.....after driving around for a while down some very narrow lanes trying to find how to actually get a park (car park) near the park. We got there first, even though we had left the library last, and wondered where everyone else was. A few of us girls sat talking under a tree on a rug belonging to Beth. There were some holes in the tree and in one right above us there was a possum! And the possum had a baby.

This was difficult to take because everything was so bright except for the hole
I had to use a long exposure and therefore hold the camera very still. which is not the easiest thing to do.

There was a magpie wondering if we would feed it that came close enough for me to get some good photos of it, which was quite nice. Later Rosie, Alice and I walked around talking, the leaves from the trees had such a mixture of different colours in them. Some leaves were red, green, yellow, brown, purply or any combination of those. It was warm enough for spring but the leaves made it feel like autumn. We also looked at where some branches had been cut off a tree and the sap had seeped out and hardened thought it still looked as if it might drip. It sparkled golden in the sun.

Then I came time to depart and DRIVE back through the multi-lane roundabouts... which did not have good consequences. Then of course driving 60 or slower through all the road works was fun. 

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