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Maths Book Bones and Burnt Bits

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Maths is the way to Mentally Abuse The Human Species. Well I think it is anyway. I have some good news though there is now one less maths book, it has passed away. Its former human specimen, who was subjected to its torture, was my sister Alice, but now it is no longer alive!!! It is dead, deceased, gone, departed, passed away, gone west, it is lifeless! The only bit left is its bones picked clean of those white sheets full of black symbols on them! Those pages are being used to light the fire!

All that is left!

For maths I do Maths Online. No I do not do just any maths online I do Maths Online. Maths Online is the sort of maths online that I do. If you didn’t get that don’t worry because I couldn’t get the home school inspector to get the fact that I did Maths Online, not a different sort of maths program thing online. It is maths so therefore it is maths. So I dislike it, which probably is because I do not like struggling to do things and also it is maths and I don’t like maths, (probably a case of circular reasoning but I don’t care) I am yet to be convinced that maths actually has a point and is logical, well some of it has a point but there are lots of bits that really do seem pointless. One of the things about my maths that sets despair into my heart (not exactly, but is sounds cool) is when I am printing out the page I have to do for that day and then the printer sucks the page back in! NNOOOOO!!! which means I have to do two pages. I want to grab the paper and stop the printer from taking it back.

While talking about the fire (In the first paragraph) I will warn you it is also slightly dangerous. It dislikes being contained and restrained to the black boxes in people’s houses. So it occasionally tries to escape. It has twice this winter smoked us out of the room, but it must have realized that trying that way doesn’t work.  This time it made its move a little while after tea, I had gone to put another log on the fire, the one I got from on top of the wood box was heavy I could only just hold it with one hand. The weight caused me to drop it rather heavily onto the logs already in the fire. They, seeing the door open and given just enough of a thump to get them moving leaped out of the fire. Well a few small bits of burning charcoal did. I thought they had not got any further than the hearth. I closed the fire door, took off the gloves. Then I smelt something, the smell of burning. One piece of charcoal had managed to not only get off the hearth but also had got off it the side without the mat and was now chewing on the carpet. I picked it up, funnily enough it was hot and I dropped it back onto the carpet. Then I picked/flicked it up onto the hearth. The carpet had got rather melted/black. Luckily, after I scraped the burnt bits away the carpet looked nearly normal, just slightly brown.

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  1. Slightly brown is not the way I'd put it. Unless of course, it is a trick of the camera. I'll give it the benefit of the dubious doubt.

    1. The photo was taken BEFORE I scratched all the black melted bits off. Now that the floor has been vacuumed the mark is even harder to see.