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I got a camera-

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Well I got the loan of one anyway. Some friends from church practically never used it so they have lent it to me. I finished my school work, it was the writing that took so long, but I got my 800 words. 800 words are what I try to write for the first of the three days that I spend writing a chapter of my novel, each week. Though often I end up spending more than three days trying to get the 2000 words I want for each chapter.

Then when my school work was done I got out the camera. I switched it on and tried to play with some settings but the camera kept saying ‘too dark’ or something like that. I pointed it at the window to try make it stop, but of course the cap was still on...... Then I looked at the manual it is rather large so I decided that I’d just take the camera outside and see if I could figure it out. I didn’t have much trouble doing that. I actually got some photos of the lorikeets that often visit some of the gumtrees in our front yard of an evening. I had tried before but the photos never really worked. These ones weren’t the greatest, but the trees are rather tall so the birds were a long way off.

Seriously strange self portrait ........ I can hold two cameras at a time......
Then I sat in the grass and took some photos of my brothers (4 and 2) playing with sticks and resting with each other.  The sun was low and the light was golden. I also tried some macro photography of some pink bulb flower things. Tomorrow I’ll be back at it again.

(Incaseyouwerewondering) the camera is a Nikon D3000

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  1. Yay for you! Sooo, what does the D3000 mean?

    Oh, and I would like to point out that you have "Then I sat in the grass and took some photos 'if' my brothers (4 and 2)". I might be missing something, but I would of put 'of' instead of 'if'. Your call though :D.

    Another oh, and how many Chapters does your book have?

    1. D3000 is the type of Nikon camera it is.

      I don't see any 'if' there? Must be your imagination.

      My book currently had eight and a half chapters, but it will hopefully have twelve by the time I finish. chapter eight is the climax (well it's meant to be) so it has to be interesting.

    2. That was copy-pasted from your post....

      Anyway, regarding your book, does that mean it's the hardest chapter to write so far?

    3. In some ways it is hard but then I know for sure what is going to happen iv'e just got to make it happen. that sounds confusing..... Well I have spent more time outlining this chapter than some of the other chapters so in some ways it is not more difficult. Something big and bad happens so it is not that hard to make it interesting. In other chapters in which really important things don't happen it is often harder because I have to keep them interesting.