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Or a walk anyway. To me they are the same thing. I went across the road into the TSR and came across a few interesting things; a goanna, a large mud nest, and lots of butterflies. The latter flew too fast and were too small for me to get a photo of. There is a  paddock next to the one I went walking in and it had a horse in it so I took some photos of the horse too. Actually that was the main reason for my walking there.

Then I went for a walk down the road to where I know there are two other horses. I got some nice photos with the evening light on their coats. 

Further down the road cows were mooing. So I went to find them. The cows were very curious and came quite close. I walked along next to the fence and got my foot covered with tiger-pear.  This is the second time I have stepped in masses of in while taking photos. Some of it went through my shoe and into my foot. The sun set then and I had to use the flash for the photos.

Now I was rather a long way from home and the sun had set so it was getting rather dark so I decided I’d better head back. It was a long way.

Somehow the evening often fells more ‘alive’ than the day, especially when there is a reasonable breeze. The trees sway and almost sound as if they were whispering secrets amongst themselves. Kangaroos and things rustle amongst the grass. Birds fly home and sing the days last songs. The trees grow grey and shadowy in one direction, they all blur together. Then towards the sunset in the west the trees stand out in sharp, black silhouettes. The sky goes pink and gold then grows duller grey and dark blue. Tiny pinpoints of light shine in the sky, the stars. 

 There was even a cloud that looked like a magic carpet!

There are more photos of the cows and horses at my Photo Spot

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