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Baby Guineapigs!

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So I finish writing my previous blog post. Then Jane runs in saying ‘Pebbles has had her babies!’ Jane had given up on Pebbles having her babies’ weeks ago and only yesterday when she tried to catch her had she realized pebbles was getting extremely fat. 

Now she has had them, three and guess what colour two of them were...................
White our 18th and 19th white G-pigs. But one wasn’t Yay!!! He, well it could be a she looks a lot like his/her daddy. In these photos the babies would be less than maybe, two hours old! *is very happy that they were not all white* They are so cute when they are this little. 

 There is a photo with Cobaye (my-pig) in it in this post.  It also has some photos of these babies half bother.

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