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Writing Chapter 11

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Or more correctly not writing it

What made me think that all the previous chapters were difficult to write, Chapter 11 The Showdown is just not working! Really not working. I don’t know how to make it work. The fire has finished burning things up and now somehow I need to make the town help Callie (my MC) to defeat the villain. I wish I could just kill him, but that would not work besides it’s not a fantasy story or anything. It’s set in modern times. It’s too realistic and I can’t just make my hero um kill him, I mean how many 15 yo girls go around killing people they don’t like besides Callie isn’t like that. Callie ummmm ahhh. Chapter is really not working. Sometimes I wonder why I even started writing this. Don’t worry I’ll get over it and eventually work out something. Writing a biography would be much easier, or about something that has actually happened.....

Also through the chapters Callie or her mentor had talked to/about God just a little bit like here : “Then why did you?” Brendon retorted.
“I am helping you because the Bible says to love your enemies. Not because you deserve anything.”
And here: “No they haven’t exactly threatened us.” I replied. “Not yet. One thing that really troubles me is that I think out family is having some money troubles. I mean we never had a lot but lately Mum keeps saying that we can’t afford to buy certain things that we used to be able to get sometimes and I have overheard my parents saying things about money but then they see me and stop. What if we do have to sell?”
“God knows what is best. For now, just trust him.”
And here: “I can’t say! O God help me, what am I going to do?”

Does it sound silly? Callie is Christian and I want people to see that but I am not sure how to do it. But other than things like above and the fact that they go to church nothing else Christian is really mentioned. 

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  1. I think it's great that she is christian! It pushes the fact that she won't kill the villain.
    The only thing I can think of is she would have to rally the towns people somehow and storm the bad guy's lair! ( maybe along with some police )
    Then the villain could get arrested. Just an idea. Hope I helped!


  2. Yes the villain is (I think) going to be arrested. but it also all needs to happen by Callie's doing because she is the Hero, and if circumstances are always convenient then the hero isn't a hero. How to rally the towns people is the problem. (I tried googling that but google failed me) but thanks