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Will going into a garage make you a car or going into a stable make you a horse? Then will going into a church make you a Christian? If someone works in the garden EVERY day will they become a flower? Then will going to church most Sundays and being involved in heaps of stuff the church does make you a Christian?  

If you answered Yes to any of those questions I think you may have a problem. So I hope you didn’t! Especially if you thought there may actually be a way of turning into a horse. If God wanted you to be a horse, car of flower, he would have made you one. He didn’t though and he has a special purpose for each of his creations. If God didn’t create you then you also have a problem because it is impossible for you to exist.

To be a Christian you have to accept Christ as your saviour. If your life has truly been surrendered to him you will want to live, work, breathe and do whatever you can to please him. You should want to know him more, more of his love, grace, power, promises, joy....... He wants to give you all these things.

Spending time with someone is the best way to get to know them. Talk to Jesus, read and study his word. Put aside a little time each day to be with Him. If you have really given him your life have you not also given him your time? Use your time wisely, use it for him. If you don’t know Jesus how will you know what he loves, and how he wants you to live? How can we serve him in the way he asks if we do not know what he asks?

The Bible is a really interesting book. Full of examples of Gods character, and the many promises he has given us. Also there are so many epic stories; stories of weak people who God used to do great things! The stories of ladies like Ruth, Deborah, Miriam, and so many others like Ester who risked her life to save the Jews. There are even more stories of great men like Moses, David, Paul, Gideon, Daniel, and heaps of others. There are stories of battles where an army of 300 (and God) defeats another army that was “like grasshoppers for multitude”.  There are stories of sieges and battles where an entire army is destroyed.  The Bible tells of a battle where there were horses and chariots of fire (2 Kings 6).  In the book of Revelations it talks about dragons; ancient serpents; strange beasts with many horns; winged creatures covered in eyes and of the end times. The Bible is full of amazing miracles and answered prayer, dry bones come to life, dead are raised. It promises that one day all the dead will be raised and will be brought to account for everything they did. Then all God’s children will go and live in his presence for eternity!

The Bible is a book I would highly recommend reading!!!

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