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Coasters or something

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I have just finished making some, well two coasters. I suppose they are coasters, well they are now anyway, they didn’t start off as that but that is what they are now. In fact I’m not even sure I can remember what they were going to be.

I started with a limp lomp lump of fire wood.  Then I got a saw and cut off the end of it........ sounds easy, well when I had got less than half way through I already was having second thoughts. But I hate starting things and not finishing them so I cut the rest of the way through. Then I started to sand it. Does that sound easy..?....... I did it by hand ........... Then I forgot how long it took to saw through the wood and decided to make another one. Then I decided the first piece was too wonky and scraped it. Yessss all that work.  Then I thought I need at least two so I cut another. It still took a long time.  Now thinking I’m really going crazy. I sanded hand.
Then I showed my dad. He went ‘they look nice and have great potential but you should sand them more to get every mark out of them’. Whaat! But he also mentioned he had an electric sander in the shed. I used it. Electric sanders are sooooooo much easier, wish I had thought of that before. Then to finish them off I rubbed some linseed oil into them. Walla the finished product. hmm what am I going to use them for.......

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  1. *Claps*

    How thick are they? That log cut looks pretty thick...

    1. One of them is one and a half cm and the other is slightly bigger and isn't exactly the same hight all the way, It gets up to two cm.

  2. Very nice. They look amazing. I'd use them as 'hot mats' for casserole dishes or pots or something. Or they would look really nice just hung up on the wall as is! The options are endless...