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Smashing Cups

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No I haven’t been smashing cups, but in the last two months my parents and Alice have managed to smash at least five cups! The latest of these I found this morning while unstacking the dishwasher. The bottom of one cup (my cup) had completely broken off and sat at the bottom of the dishwasher next to what had been the top of the glass. Last night Alice had dropped something in the dishwasher and I had run over and we tried to find something broken but failed, I was disappointed. Of course I needn’t have been because evidence now shows that something did break. 

The other cup that Alice smashed a few weeks ago was her own, and full of water at that time. Glass flew across the kitchen, quite a bit of water got into two of the draws and the rest went all over Alice. This happened while Mummy was out, all sorts of interesting things happen then. Like when Jane was stacking the dishwasher and she slid a saucepan lid along the bench then picked it up as it got past the edge. That would have been fine except that there were four plates underneath it.........

Mummy smashed one of her own and a small piece of my previous cup. Note: we all have different cups so as not to get them confused. Daddy tipped his over, then in trying to stop it falling he slammed it into the bench harder. Glass and water flew everywhere, including into the one of my brothers laps. My sisters and I heard that commotion from our room and came to the rescue with towels and dustpans.

Smashed things can be really quite interesting. Sadly my Magic dust cant fix them I tried but It doesn't seem to work for things like this . 

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  1. What about the piece of glass Daddy found in his pocket later and the dints in the floor after you and Jane smashed the plates. Yes you did put the lid on top of the plates so played your part in smashing them...