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Rambling on about today

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Today is my mum’s birthday! Happy Birthday I love you Mummy!

We ate some birthday cake then went for a walk up a hill near our place. This was to try and make ourselves hungry again. It didn’t work very well. 

Then we went driving to find a place where we could have lunch. I drove past lots of wineries and vineyards and along a long windy road. We drove down two different driveways and backed back out one of them. Then found another road that said it had a cafe down it so we went there. It was very pretty. We sat on a table outside in the sun. At least we sat in the sun until it got cloudy and cold but that was only at the end. 

While we waited for our food Alice and I took the boys down to the lake there and watched the Purple Swamphens, Ducks, Cormorants, and Spoonbills.  The food was good but there was too much of it and Daddy and I both hate to see food going to waste. We were both rather full when we left. I drove home too. Now I have over fifty hours driving experience and it has been only three months.

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  1. Say Happy Birthday for me :)

    I have to say that looks like a nice place, although, I am left wondering is the chicken there or is it yours?

    1. The chicken Is mine. I took that photo just before we left.