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Last night we had our annual bonfire. We spent the last few days getting ready and making sure we had enough food, (sausages, marshmallows, lemonade, potatoes and bread). Daddy piled up the bonfire, we collected sticks that could be potential trip hazards. We also had a fairly fruitless search for marshmallow sticks. The sticks we found were either too short (your face burns up) or the ends were way to fat.....about as fat as a marshmallow....Strangely enough it is difficult to get marshmallows on those ones. Then I thought why can’t we make them pointy with pocket knives! So Alice and I found a few fat ended sticks and turned them into pointy sticks with the aid of pocket knives. Hoses were set up so they reached the bonfire (we had to use them). And tables and food, drink, cups etc. were taken down. I took the big HOT saucepan down with the sausages we had boiled (so they would BBQ faster) in it.

Then everyone arrived. Well two of the families did, the other one arrived later. One of those families was the one that belongs to Fanvedhil and Zicmak. This year the wind was blowing form the west which is very unusual..... actually it has never blown from that way before, it had always been from the east. The possums (which in Australia we like!) probably found it rather hot in the big gum tree that the fire’s heat and smoke were going towards.

The first flames were small but soon the fire roared and flames engulfed the whole pile. Everyone moved back, away from the searing heat. The fire soon died down a little because a lot of what it was burning was smaller stuff. Everyone talked together and then we had sausages. After sausages came spotlight, well not spotlight but a game that is similar to it and back to base (which is similar to 44 home). Everyone hid and then everyone came out of hiding and tried to get back to the base (a chair) without being spotted and having their name called. It was rather amusing when whoever was in couldn’t remember your name and you managed to get to the chair before they remembered. Then the process was repeated. Note: when running towards a chair in the dark is not a good idea to misjudge distances, otherwise some part of you will very likely come into contact with the chair or something else, at high speed.

Then I went and got some of the marshmallow sticks. On the way back I tripped over the hose just in one of the spots where it joined to another, and it burst, which was nice...... The problem with liking to have ones marshmallow done just right is it involves patience and being quite close to the fire. The fire had died down a lot but it still gave off considerable heat. To get the perfect balance between the distances is difficult. Some others just flamed their marshmallows or undercooked them or burnt them, but a few of us are more particular. I tried using combinations of scarves and hands or my arm to shield my face and eyes but one needs to be able to see what ones marshmallow is doing. Also one needs their hands to hold the stick to keep the marshmallow (why do they give them such long names? I’m getting sick of typing it every time) out of the ashes.
The art of roasting marshmallows 
At some stage during the evening Daddy got the potatoes out of the fire and some people, who for some reason actually like potatoes, ate them. We talked again and the family belonging to Fanvedhil and Zicmak had to go. Then I realized we had forgotten the sparklers!!! Surely no one can ever get too old for sparklers. I finally got to try an idea I had been planning for a while.
This was the outcome.

Soon other people became tired and headed home. We stayed and cleaned up and then sat and watched the glowing embers of the fire until it got rather late. Then we went up to the house and to bed, our clothes and hair, smelling strongly of smoke.

The reason I took so long to do this post is that My Dad, Alice and I spent this morning searching the bush for a friend’s 9yo (I think) boy who had run away at six O’clock that morning. It was quite exciting and he was eventually found by about the only person in the group who didn’t have everyone else’s phone numbers and was on a motor bike so had to start walking the boy back. The police (who were also out looking for the boy) found them walking down the road. It was quite fun walking around in the bush looking for a boy in cameo clothes with a bow (to shoot rabbits with). We found lots to laugh about afterwards.  The other people looking were mostly from our church but there were others too and at the end when the boy had been found and everyone got back together before we all went our separate ways again we parked the cars three deep. We were the last to go and one of the last to get back so our car looked quite funny parked where it was.

The car is parked 
The other reason that this took so long is that my brothers were, much to my annoyance on the computer when we got back home. I had started to have computer withdrawals by the time they had finished. 

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  1. Now those are nifty pictures. Regarding Marshmallows, copy-paste saves lives. Or would if excess finger movement was fatal. Regarding the cooking of Marshmallows, 'getting the perfect distance is difficult' Is a little bit of an understatement I think. Distance between you and the bonfire, and then distance between the marshmallow and the bonfire. And then time, and steady hands etc... Anyway...

    I also saw the Sparklers mentioned on Alice's blog, and I wondered what happened to them. Now I know :).

    Onto the last part of your post, Interesting Morning then? Oh, and a round of applause to a mention of Computer Withdrawal. I wonder if it has an official name...

  2. Great pictures Claire! I thought about blogging the bon fire, but I didn't have any photos and it's no fun reading about it if you can't see the flames! :)

    We had soooooo much fun the other night - thanks for inviting us!

    1. Posts with photos are much more interesting. I know somebody called Claire but it isn't me...... hmm *smiles* O you mean Clare. ME! Thanks.