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Well technically it isn’t spring. It is hot enough though and lots of bulbs are flowering like the freesias (one of my favourites). Trees that looked grey and dead are bursting into flower. So I have decided to unwhinterise (What is that not a word!) my blog. Hence the flowery background, but I can’t decide which one would look best, any thoughts anyone????

I went half way down the cliff I climbed down and up yesterday and got those two photos just before the camera decided to tell me “Shutter function is disabled until battery is recharged.” Ahhhg very annoying but luckily one of these two will do. But which one.....

Also I am rather pleased (and slightly annoyed) at how easy it was to get the background image to be only one image and not to need tiling. Just a bit of custom CSS code! Why did I not try that before! I tried lots of other ways, but they never worked. The best thing about this way is I can use a full sized photo so it is not at all blurred/pixelated and blown up looking (by ‘blown up looking’ I mean made bigger/stretched, not blown up like with explosives).

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  1. Regarding the CSS: Told Ya!.
    At least, I'm pretty sure I told you at some point. I know I told someone....

    1. Yes thanks, it was you, 2 Sundays ago but I only just remembered and tried. Sure enough it worked.