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My Uneventful Walk.......Until

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 So this afternoon I went on a rather uneventful walk. Well it was until I heard a slithering rustle in the grass by my feet and turned in time to see a nasty, horrible, dreadful, awful, scaly, black snake slither down a hole. My heart beat very fast but luckily I was smart enough not to jump back. If I had I would have jumped of the edge of the cliff I was walking next to.

There is something beautiful in everything......

Eventually I got to the place above where I wanted to go. I headed down the slope. Clambered, slid, picked my way, jumped, sort of a combination of all those.  I tried to avoid, the nasty sticky plants that give one rashes and stick to everything, and the tiger pear, prickly pear, stickybeaks, other spiky plants and falling to fast.

Then I found the eagles nest. With an eagle sitting on it but when it saw me, actually from the noise I had been making it had probably heard me for a long time, it flew off. Then I could see a little white fluffy chick and an unhatched egg. Wow. I wonder if the egg will hatch.

Wedge Tailed Eagle and the white fluff in front of it is its chick

I continued to zigzag, jump, and slide down. The slope had grass, ferns, moss, sticky weeds, wild peach trees and wild roses all over it.  Roses are not nice things to grab hold of............I got down to a flat, well it wasn’t flat but it was no longer going down steeply. And the ground was sand. I walked to the river and listened to the water splashing over the rocks. There were a few cattle with really long horns over the other side. Something moved next to me, a dragon sat in the tree next to me. It glared at me with its round eyes. It opened its mouth and roared, wait..... actually it was just a Water Dragon and it didn’t roar. It just hung onto the tree and let me take photos of it.

The Dragon
See long horns
Then I heard them. A crashing came from somewhere further up the river.  Into view came two animals cows, well, steers or bulls, I’m not sure which, but at that time I wasn’t thinking about minor details like that. One of the steers flung up sand with one of its front hooves. They had huge long horns. I switched off the camera and put it on my back, I was scared. They really looked like they were going to charge me. I glanced at the tree next to me. The tree had only small branches but it sloped slightly so I could keep most of my weight on the trunk. The cattle came closer and I was just starting to climb the tree when I realized both the steers/bulls had run into the water and were going across. There were some more cows behind them but when those saw me they turned and ran the other way.

Luckily they ran across the river
Photo is blurry because I used zoom, no time to focus, and funnily enough my hands were shaking.  
Wedge Tailed Eagle
After that I went back up.  I found another eagle’s nest and though I heard a young bird in it but when I got above it all I could see was a galah sitting on the nest, which is rather strange.  I headed back towards home and got some photos of an adult eagle sitting in a gum tree below me. The eagle flew off; I walked after it, well parallel, not over the edge. Then I got another photo when it landed in another gum tree, the process was repeated. It must have thought it was leading me away from its baby.  Then I saw another bird which I had seen briefly a few other times it was a Nankeen Kestrel. I got a few good shots of it.

Nankeen Kestrel
Down below me I heard pounding hooves. Three horses galloped into view on the other side of the river. The huge horned cattle stampeded down closer to the river. The horses were on the river side of the fence and galloping parallel to it.  They went past then turned and galloped back, wheeled around and stood still. Actually I think I heard the horses before I found the Nankeen Kestrel but anyway.

two of the horses....that appear to have no home.....someone must own them.
All in all a rather uneventful walk...........well not really.

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