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In The Chook Pen

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An egg
Some random stuff

One of my chooks, Sweet Pea has finally started laying, I have been getting an egg every second day. My other chooks Butterfly and Henny Penny haven’t lain for a while. Actually Henny Penny hasn’t laid for over a year. They are pets so that doesn’t matter that much, but more eggs would be good. My ducks hardly ever lay but when they do their eggs are very good in cakes and quiches. They lay about a dozen then go clucky and when ducks go clucky they hiss and bite.
Sweet Pea
The other morning when I unlocked my chooks I tipped some food out for them as usual. The funny thing was that Butterfly was standing right where I tipped it. When it landed on her back she leaped in the air and kicked out one leg. She looked so funny.
In the chook pen I have one big mulberry tree and one small mulberry tree at least I think it is a mulberry tree. All the leaves it had last year looked like mulberry tree leaves. It lost them at the same time as the big tree and grew new ones at the same time. But as the new leaves got bigger some of them have started to split and change into differently shaped leaves. So I am no longer sure if it is a mulberry tree.  But if it isn’t I don’t know what it is. I suppose I will have to wait and see if it ever grows mulberries.
A mulberry tree???

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