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Inspired by someone I was talking to today, I will not mention names.

1: What?
2: Sorry my name is Clare. Who were you calling?
1: Ah Nobody.
2:Wrong! You called What not Nobody.
1: What?
2: Exactly it was him you called before.
1: But I was trying to talk to you.
2: You? First you’re asking for What then Somebody and now You.
1: What?
2: There you go again. I have already told you I am not What.
1: You are crazy.
2: The proper English would be, “You is crazy.”
1: No it’s not! I meant You Clare are crazy.
2: I never knew You had a middle name, and it is the same as my first. How fascinating. Do you know any of those other peoples second or last names? Knowing them could be quite useful.
1: What?
2: How many time must I say What is not here. Ok, you will have to go ask Someone Else, Anybody, You Know, Nobody, Everyone, or one of those sorts of people.
1: You are so weird.
2: Look I don’t really care if You is weird, but the way to say it would be “You is so weird.” If you wish to keep talking to me, please, talk sensibly, if not, go find Someone Else to converse with she likes the way you talk.
1: What?
2: I said go talk with Someone Else.
1: What! Wait, no. See you Clare I’m going.

2: You have finally found him, great you go run after What.

Just another random Photo....

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  1. Good Grief. I had to read through that a couple of times to get it...

    1. Yes it is rather..... confusing, I had fun writing it though.

  2. I found a middle name for still or is it I'm
    1: I'm still hungry...
    2: Hello Still Hungry!
    1: No! That's not my Name
    2: I did not say That was My name I has taken no part in this conversation.
    1: Humph!