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I Didn't Destroy Much

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I mowed the lawn yesterday and didn't destroy much. I cut up grass... a lot of grass. I also managed to cut up a few sticks and an already broken, plastic, sandpit toy into smaller pieces. I left the transpiration pit for last because when my sisters last mowed it the mower kept dying because of the long thick grass there. 

I took the mower (Note: ride on mower. I would really not like having to do all that grass with a push mower) through the grass slowly and only had a little more to do when I went past the trampoline. The trampoline; is rather old.... well just a bit younger than me... so not all that old, but for a trampoline it is old. I think if someone jumped on me as much as it has been jumped on I would be in a lot worse condition that the trampoline is. Well I'm glad I'm not a trampoline.

Anyway the mats that stops one from falling onto/through the springs, like to fall off. Actually they are normally off, so if one does happen to fall they do not do much good, since they are not always even near the trampoline. This particular one was though.. And I went to close with it. Only just to close but the blades caught the corner of one of the mat things and sucked it right under the mower. Which resulted in rather a mess.... foam and bits of blue canvas stuff everywhere. 

I also had to turn the cutters off quickly. About half of the blue canvas stuff had got all twisted around one of them. Then I turned everything off and attempted to untangle it. I failed. So I got my sister Jane (who has smaller hands) to try. It failed. Then she had the brilliant idea of using a knife to cut the canvas off. It worked. 

I went and finished the mowing. The lawn now looks nice and much the better for it. I don't think I could say the same for the trampoline mat though....

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  1. Ah yes... The blue mats. They're fun. Don't think I have ever mowed over them though (Didn't stop them from falling apart and making a mess).

    1. This is just the way to make the mess really quickly and thoroughly :D