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Well I thought I'd try a post like this... I think they are interesting but  maybe others do not, after reading it, if you bother. Please tell me if you think a post like this interesting. If so I will probably do another some time in the future.

Right now I am.... (well not all of them right now, but fairly recently)

Seeing... The computer screen, also out the window I see a sprinkler watering the wilting garden.
Hearing... My dad talking on the phone and my brothers running around the house talking.
Smelling... Air.....Grass on my hands from when I picked a few handfuls for my turkey to eat earlier.
Tasting... Mince and cheese squash
Needing... To finish this at some point in time. And finish reading a book for school, and quilting my quilt.
Wanting... to know what to write here
Feeling... A cool breeze blowing in the open door, praise God for the lovely, so lovely cool day
Wishing... O why did I start this...
Thinking... About what to write. And also for some reason about my chooks and how they manage to eat so much food.
Laughing... at myself writing this
Anticipating... The person coming to pick up one of my roosters that I have finally managed to give away
Dreaming... well last night I had dreams of trying to put the macro filters onto my camera so I could photograph these tiny, tiny birds I could my dream.
Praying... for my friends, family, future.
Reading... Pendragon, book four of the pendragon cycle, by Stephen R. Lawhead. These books are soooo GOOD!
Recovering... soon I shall be trying to recover from writing this...
Believing... that I shall recover one day
Singing... Extreme Ways.... a song from Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy.
Wearing... clothes...including trousers and socks! Considering it is summer!
Preparing... for the inevitable, whatever that might be.
Remembering... the ducky song
Regretting... that I remembered it
Trying... to forget it sanity for thinking of it in the first place.
Fearing... that I'm wasting time writing this, or else just hurting my head.
Loving... doing this, I find it funny anyway.
Googling... "how do you write an aphorism"
Choosing... to keep writing this....Well it appears that I am anyway
Calling... for my sister to come inside.
Working... on finishing my quilt properly
Emailing... No one
Gluing... a completed test into a work book (for school)
Texting... I hate takes so long.. and yes I do actually own a phone, it is just nearly always switched off.
Cracking... my brain, not a pretty sight! why? because I'm thinking to hard.
Thanking... God, for the beautiful day. That I have now got rid of one of my roosters
Turning... around, looking for inspiration that is apparently not coming.
Realizing...that when entering Australian bird names onto an american run site the birds name may be spelled with the american spelling not Australian.
Checking...that I have everything ready for bible study tonight
Organizing... books, and my desk.
Moving... chip, as in wood chip in the wheelbarrow onto the mulberry tree. Well actually under the mulberry tree.
Reckoning... that I'm just about done!
Smiling... because I am and because smiling is good for you. Anyway why not smile, unless you have a reason not to or you are a turkey.

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  1. Lol! I just found your blog and you cracked me up. :) I think you should do another some time.


    1. Well I'm glad someone other than me found it amusing. How did you find my blog?

  2. I like your blog. You have a great narrating voice and your back round is lovely! :) Tell me though, if its summer in Australia does that mean you celebrate Christmas in summer?


    1. Yep Christmas is usually on a stinking hot day. We swim in the pool or whatever water is around and have to stay up really late to see any Christmas lights (in summer the sun takes a while to go down). We also find that the traditional hot puddings and other food is rather warm for such a hot day :D

  3. Oh you poor thing! Makes me thankful for cold Christmases even if they aren't always snowy. I can't imagine going swimming on Christmas. And I can just imagine how hot it would be cooking for Christmas.Does Australia ever get snow?


  4. P.S. Where I live in the US our high for the day is 24 Fahrenheit and our low was 5 F (Don't ask me what that is in Celsius because I haven't the foggiest idea what it is but let me tell you it is COLD!) :) Our creek is completely frozen over!