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Photo Shoot at the Park

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Saturday weather was hot, but clear and sunny so according to plan we had a very early tea and went to the park. We tried to dress with the colour scheme of white, blue and brown. I have wanted to do a photo shoot at this park for a few months now. I had noticed the beautiful golden light, the lovely green grass and willow trees. There is no green grass elsewhere. 

I used my tripod and a setting with ten second delay which then triggers the camera to take ten photos in a row. So I stood (well I crouched) behind the tripod, yelled at people to look and telling them where to move, pressed the button and ran. Then I had to make myself look relaxed... and hope everyone else hadn't got sick of looking at the camera. 

I shouted at people to open their eyes, or to not stare so much, to actually smile and show some teeth but preferably not to roar....

Then I ran back to the camera again, all the people at the skate park could hear me and they were watching us, probably quite an amusing spectacle. Then I wanted some photos of my sisters and I so I got Daddy to be my walking tripod and remote shutter release thingy. So he took most of the photos of just me or my sisters and I. I still had to run around, but the photos were worth it. I don't often get really nice photos of me.... I don't often get photos of me at all.

Ah no that is not a photo of me... they were mostly at the end

 Daddy took some of the above photos and all of the ones below. 

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  1. Oh, lovely pictures! You have a beautiful family. :)


    1. Thanks, I am really happy with how they turned out.

  2. These are some lovely photos! And with the new baby too!
    Great job Clare!