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You are the Photographer

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What actually makes a good photo is not camera, but the person; the lighting and the subject.

First you have to have a camera with you to capture a good photo. If you left the camera at home or in the car then when the opportunity arises… Well obviously you can’t take a photo, because you don’t have a camera. Phones don’t count, they are phones and not cameras. There are so many bad photos people take with them…. it really bothers me. Probably just like my spelling bothers some, I don’t notice spelling though, which is the problem.


There must be something to photograph, light is an important element in your photo; in fact light is your photo. Or to say it another way, a photo is the capturing of light. Early morning light or late evening light is often the best. Midday light can be very harsh and make it hard to see details in shadows and highlights when the midtones are well exposed. 

A better camercan help, but even without a big flashy camera one can take great shots. The thing that makes a ‘big’ camera better I think, would be that one can have much more control over exactly how the camera takes the photo. Also view finders are really good. When using a view finder one must hold the camera close to your body which means one will be able to hold it steadier. This photo I took with my little point and shoot which I was carrying when I just happened to see the afternoon light shining on this shoe. Then when I entered the photograph in the local show I get Junior Champion!

You need to be well acquainted with your camera. If you can change any settings on your camera, then practice changing them and know what sort of result they will give you. You may need to change them fast one day so you can get that (almost) perfect shot. (Is any shot ever entirely perfect?)

Having an ‘eye’ for photography also helps. I don’t know how you can get this, practice possibly. But maybe you just have to have it. There are so many things that we can photograph.  I just look at things and think ‘that would look good’ and out comes the camera.  

A rule of photography is to never photograph into the sun. Whoever made up that must have taken only boring every day shots.  Break that rule! Not all the time but a lot of the time. Have a look at some photo I have taken into the sun. (Morning Sun) (Afternoon Sun). This one I took right into the morning sun and actually managed to capture the sun rays lighting up the mist.

Look at things from different perspectives. Don’t just stand and look straight at something. Crouch down and look up at things, try a different angle, look down on the subject from above.  A different perspective can make a much more interesting photo.

So remember take your camera, take the chance, capture the moment.

That sounded so serious……

BTW anyone know what comes; Twice in a moment, once in a minute, but never in a thousand years?

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  1. That last photo is lovely! I absolutely love it! As to your question, I haven't the foggiest :).

    Happy Valentines Day.


    1. The answer to the riddle is.....m...should I tell you or shall I just give *a clue*...

  2. Hmmm....How about just a clue. :)


  3. Question: What comes twice in a moment, once in a minute, but never in a thousand years?

    Answer: The letter M

  4. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! I get it lol. That's a good one! :)


  5. * Grins * glad you got it, its one of my favourite riddles!