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Return of the Hat

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The hat lived for many years atop a young head, occasionally it and its twin hat would get confused with each other. Always though, there were the two of them. Often they could be found siting on the two brother's heads who they belongs to, or on the father of the two brothers. Many adventures fraught with danger these hats survived. Though the wind blew the hats stayed with their heads. 

Until that fateful day.  The day when they were taken to the river. One of the twin hats stayed safely upon the head of the father of the two brothers but the other hat sat upon the head of the elder of the two brothers. 

The two brothers played in the water. They and one of their cousins jumped off the small cliff and into the water. The hats were flung off first. Luckily the brother's sister rescued the hats that were slowly drifting down stream. She splashed water with the orange hat and her cousin's blue. Afterwards the brother filled the orange hat with water; he and his cousin threw the hat back and forth, in an attempt to wet the other.  As they were already both soaked it didn't make any difference. 

Then the brother watched as his hat floated in the water and tried to make it sink. It sank. The brother caught up the hat again  and watched as yet again it floated away and sank, but this time, when his hand reached out for it, he could feel only water.

For the next few minutes the brother believed that he would be able to just grab the hat from where ever it had got to in the water. Not so. The hat eluded him and all the others that then joined in the search. 

Maybe the hat was now floating down the river, to one day wash out to sea. Or become stuck forever under some log near the river side. A landslide might come down and bury it, fossilizing it into the stone... They could not know that really after the hat sunk in just sat at the bottom of the river. Somehow managing to elude the feet and hands of the many searchers that tramped around it in the water. 

The brothers gave up the orange hat for lost. The remaining orange hat remembered when once before his twin had become lost for a great length of time behind a lounge. This was a different matter altogether and even though everyone else had lost hope he had the feeling that one day he would meet his orange twin again.

Now the orange hat should have been washed down to the sea and gone to find Nemo, but an unusual thing an almost unbelievable thing occurred today that meant I had to change the story. In fact this occurrence ruined all the story I had planned out in my head....The hat appeared in our mail box!

And this is the (fictional) way of it. 

After the brothers, family and cousins left the water currents buffeted the little hat. The underwater ripples pushing it towards the river bank. The wind countered the pull of the water rushing down to the rapids further on. Somehow the hat washed up onto the sand. It lay, sopping, mud cling to the bottom of it. The day turned into night and then morning. Sunlight dried the hat and hardened the mud, but it also brought the farmer who runs his cattle near the river out too. 

The farmer knew that the brothers and their cousins were at the river the day before. He had seen them and they had let him know they were coming the other morning. When his gaze fell upon a small orange spot on the sand he went to look. Stooping he picked up the hat and took it home. The farmer washed it and when he drove to town the next Saturday he placed it in their mail box.

So on Monday when the cousins of the brothers who owned the orange hats checked the mail, they found it. The lost orange hat lay at the bottom of the mailbox, poking out from under the mail. They knew it to be their cousins hat, but at first they could not believe it possible. But how else could a hat identical to the one lost have got into the mail box? 

Well the hat has returned and I suppose next time we see our cousins we shall return it and witness the joyous reunion, of the hat that returned. 

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