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Awkward Awesomeness With a Large Helping of Laughter

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“So do you have a boyfriend? Why not? What is courtship?”..... yes and while being asked these questions I was playing some Wii…or whatever you call those strange driving games you play on the TV…. “How come you can drive a car but are totally bad at this” Yes and I came last, not surprising since I was trying to answer the above questions and “driving” on a mad track at speeds I would never go in real life…. Driving with a stick instead of a wheel and a button as an accelerator…. And there is no brake…. And I died so many times.
I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself....

When a boy I’m looking after takes me to see the horse they have agisted on their property and does not tell me he is actually afraid of horses and they don’t normally go into the paddock…. Oh it was so funny and I was proud that I managed to keep a straight face…. He climbed up a tree to get away from the horse….. and then every time he would get down the horse would come galloping back.

What do I do when I’m minding three kids and one tips another’s body wash and shampoo over the bottom of the shower… and then there is no more of either left…. Other than on the floor. 

When someone just comes right out and tells me I’m short. Ah thanks……

When Alice, Jane and I all say the exact same words at the exact same time… sister moment!

“Do you have your Ls yet?” Um, no, yes, I did, I have my Ps.. they are on the car just there. *points to car*

Trying to work out why when doing a budget balance I have $200 extra…. It might not sound so bad… but generally something like that means I have entered stuff wrong… or something is wrong…. (I did eventually find out that it was all my budgets fault; Note it is on a excel spread-sheet and sometimes formulas for the adding of money from certain spots, need to be re-done, so really it was no-one’s fault)

Calling someone their siblings name…. or just the wrong name…. that belongs to no one at all.

Egret (ask Jane for further details)

Me and Rosie getting asked this question “You two don’t actually believe in Unicorns and Dragons do you?” Oh so funny and slightly awkward. Note: we had just been discussing the stories we are writing… in those worlds dragons and unicorns are real…. But those worlds do not happen to be out own…sadly.

Baby goats, bouncing up to me and eating my shoelaces, camera strap, hair and climbing all over me.

Trying to understand what this little girl is saying to me, what she wants, and totally failing. At the same time trying to fill up a container of water for washing up in…. the person to do the washing is waiting…..he is my Dad.

When I don’t want to be the ones to tell this family the thing they are trying to cook is not the pancake mixture…. (Which has been all used) and they are actually trying to cook…. The … um… cream…. Which does not cook… it only thins even more…

Someone sees photos of Ann and asks if she is my niece…. No she is my little sister.

When I get a total mind blank and drive into the turning lane when I want to go straight ahead… I have already got out my map (because I somehow knew I was confused)…. And then I realize while waiting for the lights, I am not meant to turn here…. And then I pull out of the turning lane and go straight ahead just before the lights turn orange….. Luckily I make a practice of leaving a nice gap between me and the car in front… so there was room….

Getting lost while driving… really lost…. I took a turn to early and went onto a highway….. and they are not the best places to do a U turn. So I drove along feeling like I was going the wrong way but not 100% sure and not able to turn around…. We got to a Stop Revive Survive place and turned around there… and then we started to sing… “Once I was lost, wondering in darkness” which is a line from a song we sing at church, we sang the rest to… in between me laughing.  

“Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not.” ~Vaclav Havel 

Can you laugh at yourself?
Have any awkward and funny things happened to you recently?

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  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Egret! XD
    Unicorns and Dragons! LOL!
    Cream mixture!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! XD
    Oh such funny memories! ;D

  2. I laugh all the time. My friends sometimes think I laugh too much at myself. Sometimes everybody will be quiet, standing awkwardly and I will start laughing because of something I was thinking. :)

  3. Cool post, Claire! That. Little. Lamb. Is. THE CUTEST THING!!!!! Did you take those pictures?!?!? I remember baby goats eating hair, shoe laces, ect. Good times! :D I love baby animals.. I love your posts!
    In Christ,
    Julia C.

    1. Thank's I do take nearly all the photos on my blog.. all that have my watermark on them re mine.... and ones with words on them are... and I hardly ever have a photo that belongs to someone else... for that reason that it belongs to someone else.

  4. How about making cabbage pie (beef, cabbage, onions, cream of mushroom soup, mustard and garlic) and only realizing AFTER supper that I forgot to ever put the cabbage in... I laughed at myself but my family laughed harder. :)