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Good Girls and Problem Guys

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Last night we listened to another of the Botkin sisters talks called "Good Girls and Problem Guys". We enjoyed it and had a lot of fun discussing things afterwards. There were a few situations mentioned that we had to think of responses for.... we thought of some most hilarious ones... and almost died laughing. 

Two of the questions were; 

What would you say if a guy came up to you and looked deeply into your eyes and said "You are very beautiful, are you looking for a boyfriend?"

What would you do if some random guy walks up and he says "Can I have your phone number?" 

Well last things first.... wait that's the wrong way around... never mind, anyway here are some of the answers.... funny and not all necessarily what we would say...(probably not most of them and there could possibly be better things to say) but answers none the less.

"Can I have your phone number?" 


"Well maybe you could, except for one problem. I don't have a phone."

"No, I have absolutely no idea what my number is..... only my dad knows... I could give him yours."

"I don't give away my phone number" (it's mine)

"What good is my phone number anyway my phone is almost always turned off."

"Do you hear that beeping... that is my creep detector." (searching for creepy creeps near you)

"Why would I give you my number?"

Now first things last... wait if it is last does that stop it being first... but it still is first, but then also last and there are two so how can it be that one is first and last, which would also make the other last and first?...Well anyway now for the answers for the first question.

"You are very beautiful, are you looking for a boyfriend?"

"Are you a love expert?" (said by Jane in her Olaf voice)

"Actually I am.... He was just here a few minutes ago, he's really tall and rather jealous, could you help me find him?"

"Are so you are the love expert!" (then he answers something like "Yes/indeed") "ah so you are part of Sven's family then! Can you turn yourself into a rock?"

"Yes I left him here the other day, have you seen him?"

"No. Ah not again! That is my creep detector going off."

(stare back at him) "If I recall correctly I did not give you permission to look at me did I?"

"Ummm..." (awkward silence) "I suppose I shall be able to put this on an awkward post anyway" (continued awkward silence) "On my blog" 

(Then I thought that I could do this blog post and came up with another idea) "You know you really should check out my blog, I did a post all about guys like you."

"Oh really! I have been wanting a random guy to come and say that to me." (You have?) "Yes I did a whole blog post on things I could then say to him and I really wanted to see his reaction, now can you ask that again?" (insert the answer about love experts here, then daddy decides the guy is probably running or backing away and then just to completely scare him off, chase after him and say) "Wait where are you going, did I say something wrong?" 

We had a lot of laughs! We probably had other things we thought of too, but I can no longer remember them. On a more serious note, having answers to such questions is important. The first thing a girl is likely to do if they get asked such things, is freeze up and have no idea what to say.

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