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Thoughts on Friendship

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This is just some random thoughts that I had the other day. An argument between my brothers started it. What they said made me remember that the same argument between my sisters and I and other friends and other siblings. I believe that this could often happen between young people, the argument ended as such;

"Well you are not my friend then, you can never be my friend again. I won't ever play with you anymore."

I vaguely remember being threatened with this and no doubt I said similar things too. I also know that this promise (it if can be called such) is normally broken within minutes. As I started to write this down on a sheet of paper my brothers were already saying "Lets play ants and be Meat Ants together." They were friends again. 

I think that it is strange... interesting that we should threaten each other with the ending of a friendship. Even if it is an empty threat, but of course the child may believe it at the time. Friendship must be something important to us, or we deem it important to another, possibly because it is important to us.

Friends are important to me. Friends are people I can trust and people I will probably stay in contact with for a long time. Even friends who are now far away are very important to me, they are part of my life. Friends share in life's struggles together and help each other through tough times, even if it is only by being there. So now I just want to say thank you to all my friends, whether I know you well or not. You are important to me.

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  1. This is a nice post Clare, and very true. :)