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Awkward and Funny

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When I am with a bunch of adults and I try make a comment that was meant to be funny and they all laugh! That was so good but then…. They thought I had said it not knowing it would be funny….hmm… oh well desired effect.

If you want to know what it was that I said.... well I won’t tell you… oh ok I will. They were all looking at photos of people getting married who are in some distant way related to me….somehow… and then one of them said how young they all were… So I said something along the lines of “They look old to me”…. 

When I am talking to myself…or more so some other thing…..or animal and a human comes up and asks what I said or who was I talking to.

Flowers.... and no it does not have anything to do with anything awkward.... except for the fact that it is here...and its not awkward... so then that means it is awkward but then it isn't.... oh just  forget it.. I needed a photo on the post, and there were none from any of these scenarios. 

Well it all started with helping move someone, and it pouring rain…. And the truck, got stuck. Things getting bogged is always interesting, although it can cause serious delays…. Like when we were going canoeing in the morning…. And going on holidays that afternoon…… for some reason we went off the grass…. Not far….. well let’s just say we arrived at our destination rather later than planned…. And did you know there is not always good phone reception near the river. 
Anyway back to moving day; we got the truck out with a chain… after giving up all trying to push it…. I know how annoying deep bogged tyre marks can be so I decided to try flatten them (we have had the fruit delivery truck get bogged on our grass before so I know just how annoying bog holes can be) I had my gumboots on  so I jumped on and pushed the mud and tried to flatten it out…. Then I noticed everyone else who was helping with the moving (of some church friends of ours) was staring at me…. All of them… like WHAT IS SO FACINATING! I’m just squishing down the mud, otherwise it will probably end up bothering someone else. I don’t like being stared at…. Well two or three people looking at me are ok but not everyone in the area…. And not when I don’t even realise it for ages…

When I’m cooking pasta bake… and I put the bacon in the baking dish with the pasta…before I crush it, and then I stab it and funnily enough….. yes… the uncooked pasta flies all over the kitchen… each piece bounces and makes a lot of noise as it spreads over the floor, benches and stove….The first thing I did was check no one saw… so why am I posting it here?....

Stepping on the hem of my skirt…. It was an elastic one… luckily I had a long jumper and tights on. 

Looking after the neighbours chooks… and the one that has been sitting there for the whole time finally decides to do something….. Move a few cm’s and …die.

When my male duck is in a bad mood and I have to carry him into the cage but he decided he does not want to stay in and starts trying to eat my shoe laces and scratch at my shoe which is still in the cage (with my foot in it) and his feet get tangled in my laces…. I really wouldn't recommend having a grumpy duck stuck on your foot. A lot of flapping, honking, biting and struggling ensued, and I stood there on one foot lifting the other one up and down  (inside the cage) in the hope that the duck would get off.

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