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Liebster Award.... for my apparently awesome blog

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Well it turns out I heave a really awesome blog, or at least Julia from Writing For His Glory thinks so. I must say thanks to you Julia. Since this is my third one and I have also got another lot of sunshine/sunflower awards beforehand, I am again not going to award anyone. (It I were too... I might be risking my life) I will ask some questions though, that anyone can answer in the comments or in a blog post of their own, if they want to. Guess what! This Liebster Award is also green like the previous one but the banner bit at the bottom is longer.... and it did not say I had to list facts about myself, isn't that nice! So to answer the questions. (which is really what the award is about, making other bloggers answer weird questions)

If you were in outer space and your friend started drifting off, what would you do? Well I would start by wondering why I was in some outer space.....presumably this space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. The drifting seems to fit with that. But we could be in some outer space of a boat and be drifting on the ocean. In that case what I would do would greatly depend on what I had available to do stuff with.

It would be preferable if someone had kindly stowed some oars in a boat but since we were drifting I might presume there are none, or there were and I tried using them. Since I have never rowed a boat I might just manage to lose both of them... but I can paddle a canoe.. so if we were drifting in canoes it would be ok. Presuming though we were each in a small boat and presuming we had ropes in them, but no oars; I would lash the boats together... so we would not drift apart. 

If I had nothing to tie the boats together, then if it were absolutely necessary to be together some of us would have to hold them together... or get out and swim. I am presuming though that we are not in the because I think that possibility very unlikely, unless I were to fall into a science fiction novel....which is I suppose always possible :D 

What is your least favorite blog?  
Ah I could answer this....but I don't think I should.... I think I shall keep these things to myself. I am also presuming these are out of blogs I follow. Because blogs I don't follow I either don't know exist or I don't find at all interesting or out of date..... and since I am under no obligation to follow them.... I don't..... But imagine trying to follow every blog it the world! That just would not work.. I follow 51 blogs as it is.... well stalk.... only one is not anonymous.... and I don't remember which one that is. 

If you had nothing to eat would you, eat grass, flowers, tree bark, or dirt? If I had nothing to eat I would probably have nothing to eat..... I don't actually spend my entire life eating, so at times I do have nothing to eat. True, they are fairly short periods but they happen. But if I did happen to have grass I would eat it..... because some parts of grass are tasty.... and I do eat it.... small amounts.... true... but it's nice. 

The other thing you could mean is if I was starving, which I have never yet been and probably won't ever be, though I never know what may happen. Let's say though I was and the only things with me were; grass, flowers, tree bark, and dirt. In history, poor and hungry people have eaten tree bark and grass, so I would go for them. This is also presuming that the bark and grass are of an edible sort... I don't think any sort of gum tree bark would be easy to eat.... or at all edible.... So presuming the grass and bark were of some kind that is at least slightly edible I would eat them. But lord willing I won't have to find out. 

Back to a previous line of thought, if I had nothing to eat I would not be able to eat anything at all because even if things that are not normally eaten are eaten then they become something to eat. So I could not eat anything because to eat anything would mean I did not have nothing to eat. And by the beginning of the question it sounds as if I have nothing to eat.... so it wouldn't make any difference whatever I replaced the grass, flowers, tree bark or dirt with... unless one was look for food... I think if I had nothing to eat I would look for food and hopefully find some so that I then had something to eat.

If you were woken up by a screaming sister telling you that your older sister was badly injured and bleeding, what would you do?  I would be wondering how I had managed to change bodies..... that would totally freak me out..... If I woke up to find myself Alice.... and Alice as me and me dying.... Alternatively if I were still me then I would be wondering who this older sister is and most likely trying to work out what was wrong with my sister who was shaking me as I have no older sister.... I'd get up and try calm my little sister down... and tell her it was a dream.... which it must have been... as I would know, I was all ok...

What post did you laugh the post at on my blog? 
What, what? At what post did I laugh the most? At what post on the post did I laugh at? Hmmm I am not sure what you mean here. 

If, though, I did see a post....lets say in a park with posts coming off it, I would wonder at the sanity of those who put it there, or what it was for. I may laugh at my siblings as they climbed up the posts on the post. 

The other thing about this question is because of its confusingness, I chose to be  am unsure of what post you mean.... do you mean some  long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used as a support or marker? (or random plaything?) Or did you mean some post that some person like a soldier is posted at... or just the post (as in mail). I do like getting mail. 

Then there is the slight possibility of you meaning a blog post.... and you said my blog... meaning your blog, not my blog, because if you or anyone is reading this post they will be on my blog, though to them/you this will be Clare's blog and not my blog as you would call your blog my blog, because it is yours just as my blog to me is my blog. And ...... did I confuse you?

Anyway I was saying ifbyanychanceyoucouldmeanyourblog.... I do actually laugh at some posts on your blog, but only very occasionally, your posts (online posts, not mail or the fence holding upper ones) are more of the interesting but not really the funny kind.

Have you ever climbed on the roof of anything? (like garage, chicken house, etc) Have I ever! What else are roofs for? Other than keeping wind out and rain off, and warm in and heat out and everything else roofs are for. I have climbed every roof, man, I climbed the tank, chook house, tool shed, garden shed, house roof, cubby house, other tank other cubby..... and I don't think there are any more roofs on our property.... and do you know the 'I've been every where man' song? (that the above didn't really sound at all like).... oh well.

Do you wear a promise ring? (Or purity ring) 
No I don't but I do like the idea of it...

Do you have a favorite meal to cook, from scratch? No boxed meals, ladies! ;) Sorry what are boxed meals? Or does that count buying packets of spice sort of stuff that is premixed for adding to a certain thing? I have a rather strange obsession with mashed potato.... I really like it and mashing it to perfection and can get quite annoyed when it is a nasty sort of potato that I con't seem to mash all the minutest lumps out of.... I often then cook sausages or steak with the mash... and baby green peas. 

I also enjoy cooking pizza (entirely home made) as long as I have some help other wise it takes too long to make all six or so pizzas... I really like making shepherds pie but for that I do use a pack of spice....sorta stuff.... that I put in with the mince, peas and corn and under the mash potato and cheese...

Have you ever tried to break a broken egg against something?  Surely if it were broken.... I would have no need to break it...? How can one break something if it is already broken? I could totally obliterate something or even make it more broken.... but can you actually break something that is already broken...I don't know..

If a stranger walked up on the streets, handed to a note and it said "Don't look at that car". What would you do? =D  Probably ask why..... and look at the car.....

If you could clean a house (even the bathrooms! ;) )  with 5 bloggers, who would they be? My sisters Alice and Jane.... and maybe Sarah as long as she is better at cleaning than blogging with any sort of regularity, and His Princess so I could meet her and same with Julia or her sister Sarah so I could meet them. And some other bloggers whose blogs I I could meet them and.. I think that is five....

Now questions for those who would like to answer them, or some of them. Hmm too many questions... oh well if you want to answer them go ahead, and tell me in a comment that you have.

Can you actually break something that is already broken?

If you could be really good with some sort of weapon or skill that makes you dangerous what would that be?

What is the most recent book you have bought, and where from?

How many blogs do you follow or stalk?

Have you ever danced in the rain?

What would you do if you were about to die by drowning at sea?

If you could only ever eat one meal for the rest of you life (the same thing again and again) what would it be?

What were you doing half an hour ago... and do you think someone was stalking you?

You are in an elevator, it has stopped going down any further, you have a jam sandwich a knife and a rope and a mirror what are you going to do?

What icons are on your computer screen?

What would you rather, not have any internet access ever again while you are alive, or only live another week?

Do you like doing things or would you rather just sit around? 

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  1. The answer to your second last question is quite obvious isn't it?? I would most certainly rather have no internet access.

    1. Yes I agree but for some it might be a harder decision.... and I was running out of ideas.