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~ Very Inspiring Blogger Award ~

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Well it seems my blog is along with a lot of other things is Inspiring! Thanks His Princess for awarding me, I am honored that you find my or whatever inspiring. I guess that is good except that with the award comes the fact that there are rules.... rules are meant to be followed in most cases... but these blogger award rules.... I don't think I can follow all of them. Those rules are:

1. List the rules and display the award (done over on the right)
2. Share 7 facts about yourself (this is the part I'm dreading, and will get to)
3. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know you have nominated them (Isn't that two? but 15 wow.....well I do follow a lot of blogs but 15 is a bit too many, well will see what I end up doing)
4. Proudly display the badge. (um what it this? .... the award?.... which was already done in rule one....hmmm)

Now for facts.... and I suppose ones I have not already listed.

I am afraid if I tell you any more facts about me I may be revealing myself too much.

I'm worried about someone finding out where I live and coming to get me.

I can ride dragons.

I am being sarcastic.

I can actually ride dragons.... well when I am reading I can do a lot of things I couldn't otherwise do :D

Some people think I am always sensible and perfect (or so they tell me)

That is a false conception, I am certainly not always sensible (as you should know even if you have read this post only)..... and I am human, so not perfect.... Yes I know that was a surprise but I am actually human!

I wrote seven facts..... well I call them facts......and yes despite what you may think I can count.

Which would be another fact.

So now to award some people I think I shall say my five favourites, Four of which are photography blogs and one a writing blog. All of which I find inspiring. Your photos are amazing. But I totally understand if you don't wish to do this award post (which wouldn't be nearly as inspiring as all the rest of the posts on your blog), but I want to say that your photos and writing are inspiring. So here they are.

Emily at Dreaming Hobbit Your writing is inspiring.
Lisa Dales at A true Focus Photography
Jessica Remus at Jessica Remus Photography
Christie at Tiny Heart Photography
Heather at Heather Swanner Photography
And for the four of you, your photos are inspiring.

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