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Besides cows don’t speak English

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Cow, cow, come to me
The little boy did cry
Cow, cow, come while
I wave this stick in your eye
Cow, cow, get over here
Where I’m bashing on the fence
Cow, cow, come now
Doesn’t coming make sense?

Brother, brother not like that
Of course the cow won’t come
With you shouting and bashing
And making the fence wires thrum
Brother, brother you must be calm
You must be sweet and quiet
Stand still and talk softly
Not making the sounds of a riot.

Cow, cow, get here now
Or I’ll chuck you onto the fire
Cow, cow you must do 
As I say and all that I require
Cow, cow I want you to come
Or I’ll stab you till you’re dead
Cow, cow, come, come, come
I want to pat your head.

Brother, brother that won’t work
You must try what I said before
Brother, brother be calm and quiet
Less shouting and of patience have more
Brother, brother the cow won’t come
And obey your every wish
Brother, brother, please stop shouting
Besides, cows don’t speak English.

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