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For the Love of Books

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I picked up a pile of pretty books at the local book fair. They were just so pretty and any books that weren't bought were going in a big bin.... I just couldn't let that happen. So now the books are sitting in a pile in my room as decoration. As you can see I have already given them one trip outside. I have no idea if any of the stories are any good except for "What Katy Did" and "Lorna Doon" which I have read. Of all the other books I don't think there are any I have heard of before. But they are beautiful books.

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  1. What beautiful pictures!! Books and the outdoors ... a perfect combination :)

  2. Wowowowowowo! Those are just majestically amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Ashlee and Julia, I do really like how the shots turned out and have wanted books like this for ages. Maybe I'll come up with more ideas later and take more photos of them.