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A Sight I Saw

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The clouds still covered the sky in a thick blanket of soft grey. They closed in the sky hanging low and almost touchable in comparison to the often seen blue that seemingly stretches on forever. The thick clouds managed to keep out the sun for nearly the whole day until just before sunset.  A gap appeared in the clouds and the sun smote the land. Light glistened and refracted off the water drops that covered the trees, grass and everything. The clouds turned more blue grey and drew further away from the ground upon which I stood. The air filled with minuscule drops of water wafted past the mound on which I stood. 

The trees and grass cast strangely hard shadows for the time of day. Deep black shadows almost looked like creatures or something hiding wherever the grass, a tree or the contours of the land hid a patch of something from the light. The black shadows took on distinct forms and danced as the light wavered. Shadows grew and the clouds again enveloped the golden sun. I felt like I had caught a gimps to another world, most beautiful in its strangeness.

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