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An Evening Out

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I had my first try at long exposure shots of traffic the other evening. Considering I have never done it before I think it worked quite well.

What is your favourite photo? I took the last photo standing on an island in the middle of the road.... I thought I'd specify that because I have had a few people go "Where were you standing!" Earlier.... before it got dark I had a few people going past, lean out their window and shout at me to take their photo.... I did, but funnily enough they only looked like a streak of light.... One lady even took a photo of me on her phone as they went past.... no doubt it didn't turn out well..... I had a lot of strange looks and my fingers froze.... and almost fell off.... but I had fun.

When I took the middle photo I was standing beside a hedge that must have been full of crickets they were so loud... I just can't decide what photos I like best though. None of them are spectacular but they are interesting, and most importantly they did work. Which ones do you like best?

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  1. Wow! Long exposure shots never cease to amaze me. O.O

    I think I like the first two best, but especially the first one of the bridge. :)

  2. I think like the first one best.

  3. Wow! We like the first and third one. :) Amazing! :)

  4. You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award over at my blog! :)