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Expectations: Leap the Mountains

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By no means are we expected to leap the mountains, at all. In fact we are not expected to do much except be like everyone else in the generation before us and in our own generation. 

These expectations can be damaging, because most young people live, not up to them, but down to them. They are so low. These expectations can really hurt too, but that can be good. For me they make me more determined to prove those expectations utterly wrong. 

Yet another person has come up to one of my parents and said how they have only just noticed the Ps on their car. They start saying how my parents will no longer see me or their car. What a difficult time this is, and so on. My parents argue for me but most people stop their ears say mhh, yes and nod. They either don't know me enough to believe my parents or think "just you wait, your beautiful daughter will change one day in the blink of an eye." It is true a few people know what I am really like but only a few.... 

Maybe the speakers don't mean it, or they don't actually think about what they are saying. These expectations say to me that the person expects me to become/or I am, an irresponsible, rebellious, selfish, lazy, child that thinks she is an adult, and now has dangerous freedom. In other words they call me a "Teenager" a typical teen, a terrible, trouble. This is all so wrong. When people I know can only expect this of me it hurts. 

"Teenager" I hate that word because of all it is associated with, besides it didn't used to exist. I want to be called a young lady, a woman or whatever girls my age used to be called.....Little Women? Anything but teens... teenagers........ I don't even like youth and adolescent... A teenager I am not. Sure I am aged seventeen, but I am not a selfish, rebellious, lazy child, who thinks they are the center of the universe. (the center of the universe Goes to God alone). 

Don't get me wrong I'm certainly not perfect, I don't want the label "proud" and "Girl who thinks herself better than others" but it is quite true a teenager is not what I AM. I don't act like that, I don't think like that. My sisters and I are not teenagers we are Little Women, Young Ladies. 

Except for a Photo Shoot I can't remember having used the car for entirely my own thing, my license is a blessing to my whole family. I can now go and pick up things left behind, get ods and sods from the shops, pick up the parcel at the post office, take my brothers and sisters to a park. I have also ducked down the street to get some food when we had visitors and all sorts of things, I enjoy being able to do that. 

I suspect that these poor expectations can be easily succumbed to.... but don't.  I say "suspect" because I haven't tried, I have no wish to be miserable.... for the years of my life that will probably be my freest, I want to use these years to be a blessing. You dear reader... (or whatsoever you wish to be called, as long as it is not teenager) are probably in or coming up to those years. Will you use them for selfish pursuits or for selfless ones?  

Are you going to leap the mountains? I challenge you to leap them, despite the fact that you are only expected to get out of bed some time before tomorrow. Don't be a teenager. Be a young lady or young man, leap the mountains.

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  1. Okay, that is one of the best posts ever. Honestly! It is so true! Being a teen (more like being called a normal teen) is an insult now-a-days. This is a really great post to show that not everyone is the same! We can break through class of being "normal" and become Jesus Freaks! Let's be weird for Christ! ;)