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Frost: a cold morning

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 We had a heavy frost the other morning. There was more frost than I have seen at our place...ever. We don't get many and for us this one was quite spectacular. 

On every leaf near the ground hung a fringe of frost, glistening as the sun rose up. The ice crunched under my feet. A black pipe now sparkled a beautiful white. The air chilled me, my ears, nose  and my fingers went red. The tips poking out of my gloves got so cold I could hardly take photos after a while because I couldn't feel anything with them very well.

Each hair of some plants had shining ice crystals clustered round it. Everything sparkled all the more when the sunlight fell on it, and then slowly all the tiny bits of ice turned to tiny water droplets.

 Since my fingers didn't actually fall of it was altogether a lovely morning. I do like the sparkles that God places in creation, they are so special, and are made more so because one must get out of a warm bed and a warm house, early to go see them. They also are just so beautiful, light is beautiful the world feels fresh and clean. But any of you who didn't get the frost, or were in bed, instead of freezing yourself outside can enjoy these photos in comfort (as long as you are sitting in a comfortable place). The photos are nice, but nothing like actually seeing the whole world sparkling around you and feeling the sun rise and warm up everything it touches. That is a most beautiful almost magic feeling.

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  1. What wonderful photos! Dad mentioned that we had had a massive frost the other day (I was still in bed and missed it. ;) ) The frost has the power to kill, but it is so beautiful. I wonder why so many things in nature are like that...