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Ann in a Tutu

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I went back to church yesterday afternoon to pick up something and on the way home the sun reflected off the back window of the car and then in my eyes at the side and finally right in my eyes.... I was thinking how horrible and bright it was. Such horrid light for driving in but wonderful for a photo shoot. 

On getting home I found Mummy just about to change Ann in to some clean clothes. So I asked her to put Ann in something really pretty. And I ran around finding things like the picnic rug, and asking my sister if I could use her blanket if I put it on the picnic rug and not on the grass, getting my camera and finding the right place outside.  

I found a good place and we plonked Ann down and she looked around wondering "what in the world are we doing". We had a little trouble getting her to smile, but she did. We gave her a teddy-bear to feel and a pipe to smoke. Oh wait it wasn't a pipe it's a pinwheel. 

 We also found a picnic basket and it turned out that Ann fitted in it!  There are even more photos of Ann from this shoot on my Photography blog.

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