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What I Believe Q & A

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I did a Q and A a few months ago and I thought I should do another, but this one will be slightly different. I want you to ask me questions about what I believe about certain things... it probably won't be so funny, but it could prove to be interesting. So ask away, please. If you don't ask questions than I will have trouble answering them... because I won't be able to read them to answer them because they don't exist in writing, and possibly not even in you head. So please make some up and ask away.

Example question which I shall answer: What do you believe about hugging people?

So ask anything that comes to your head... and I shall try answer it.

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  1. What do you believe about women having jobs verses at home, in the church, etc...? :)

  2. What do you believe about dating and courtship? What do you believe the way to heaven is?