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Awkwardness and Hilarity: which really do go together... most of the time

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Buying some denim… from an op shop in the form of trousers…. The trousers are really huge though, obviously so I could cut a lot of bits out of them! 

Getting home and trying on the trousers because I reckoned I could fit in them with one of my sisters. I could! Jane and I got in there with a trouser leg each and tiptoed round the house. It is rather hard to move when you are joined to another person and you can’t really move your legs! But it is extremely hilarious! It was rather a squash but we could zip and button up the trousers, and obviously we looked ridiculous. (though the word tiptoed was in there quiet....or anywhere near that word was NOT part of the above happenings)

When someone dares my little brother to ask me “are you girlfriend and boyfriend?” Why do people who go to public schools not understand the fact that guys and girls can actually be friends together and not be in any silly “girlfriend boyfriend relationship”. Because I suppose in public schools that is just how things are, thank God for home schooling! And then of course when I tired to explain how I believe in courtship.... 

Not being able to remember if I have right of way or if the other person does…

When someone asks me if I am going to study anywhere…get a job… how am I going to get a job if I don’t get a degree in anything?… I tell them I desire to get married…. You can still work while you are married….most people do….and all this time I am driving the car trying not to crash it and go round the roundabout (I hate roundabouts… even our tiny one) and trying to work out where I have to go next to actually end up at out desired destination…. And ah really hard questions which you don’t even seem to be considering my answers too!!!! That was not funny…. Though…at all.

When talking to someone really really tall, I have to tilt my head way up to see them.

Two guys cycling up the road while I was in the chook yard. I wouldn’t have paid attention but for two things. I could hear what they were saying (remembering is another thing) and they stopped and one of the guys decided to lie down on the road.  I was thinking just how similar humans can be to each other and also so different… I have done that before… lay down on the road just because… no reason but, that I wanted to… and I did have someone standing there checking for cars. I also heard imaginary cars coming like that guy did, and jumped back up off the road like he did. They were also having the sort of silly conversation that my sisters and I have. “In ‘our town’ in NSW, Australia on the continent” “Isn’t Australia a continent or is it part of another” (they went on about continents for a while and then earth and the universe). I have had conversations like that, and so do these people… we are all people. 

Naturally I had been staring at them all this time and eventually they noticed…. “Hey someone is staring at us” … I wonder if they knew I could hear them perfectly…  I jumped down off the gate between the two chook yards, ah I had been found out, annoyingly I could no longer hear properly what they were saying either. But they were talking about the person looking at them. I couldn’t help laughing. And I ended up shouting out something like “well you were standing just there so I looked at you”… I’m sure that was not what I said… drat…can’t remember…. Ah well it was funny, especially when they then got on their bikes and pedalled away so I would stop staring at them (heard them say that).

Except it didn’t work…. Because I had it in my head to watch them now, so I did… (I suppose just because they didn’t want me to) they stopped just past our neighbours place…. And I could see them easily…I don’t know if they did see me again, they may have. But it was funny, oh little do some people know… Now I am publishing their conversation on the internet! (well the gist of it anyway)

Along the lines of those guys…. I also saw them going the other way before the above incident. They were going 40-41 Km per hour and one wore a bright red shirt and the other bright green. The red shirt guy was doing wheelies along the road. I know how fast they were going because one of them was shouting it to the other as they went past…. Oh it was funny and so hard not to say anything or burst into laughter before they saw me!

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  1. "When talking to someone really really tall, I have to tilt my head way up to see them." I don't tend to have that problem... and when I do, I relish it. ;)

    1. No you wouldn't.... and this particular person was even taller than you!