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Rise my lady

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Well I can't think of anything else to call it. It is an entry of mine for a no more than 200 word story segment. And no I have not written the rest of the story but I don't think I had to so you can make up the end in your head.... because it is not even made up in mine. So here it is "Rise my lady";

In fear and excitement I walked into the room. I knelt before the queen to be, who I would now serve. 

“Rise my lady” 

I slowly raised my eyes to her face and began to stand. I forgot all formalities and gaped at her, I knew that face. She looked back down at me and smiled then her eyes narrowed. I stood before her and wondered if she could see me trembling. Surely she had remembered all those years ago, I did.

Back then I was young and vain, the horrid daughter of an important noble. She turned up at the manor, I thought her a little tatterdemalion of no account. Only later did I find out that she had just survived being abducted. Now our paths had crossed again and she could do to me as she wished. I wondered, was she the sort to hold a grudge? 

I’d spent so much of my life trying to get a position like this in the court and now? She that I had hurt when we were children, now a queen to be, sat on the chair in front of me with a look of recognition spreading slowly across her face.

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  1. I WANT TO HEAR MORE. Sorry for shouting, but this sounds like a book I'd love to read--do you have any plans for writing one? :) Or maybe one day I'll just steal the idea and turn it into my own story. ;) Oh, the possibilities....

    1. I am not sure if I do plan on continuing this or not... I have so many story ideas and so little time.. but feel free to steal it! I am currently trying to work out the story for a quite different story so I don't think I shall do anything more with this for quite a while yet if I ever do.

      Funny thing is I hate reading things like this because I can never know the end and now I have written one! and I do wonder what the out come is, but I don't know.