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Guess The Riddle

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Can you guess the answer to the riddles? Leave a comment telling me if you have any idea of the answers, they aren't really that hard! Or leave a comment saying you have no idea...

1. Standing like a sentinel, like old grey stumps of trees
Then bending to about the height of a man’s knees
Give me a name if you can, please?

2. Straight and thick, like a large broken stick
I am very hard to see, as I sit in my tree
Sitting all day long, I never sing a song
At night I fly, what am I?

3.Coming from over the seas as tame
A feral animal now of the Australian plane
My back may help you guess my name
Explorer’s expeditions is why I came 
Lugging baggage was my game

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  1. Number three is a camel... ummm... is 2 a bat??? Not sure about number one.

  2. Alright, the first two I have no idea what they could be. Are these things strictly native to Australia? As to the third riddle, I would say a mule or donkey.


  3. Err I'm not sure about number 1. Number 2, maybe a stick insect? Number 3 is a camel. :)

  4. Yes number 3 is a camel.....and an acrostic poem! (The riddle is an acrostic poem, not the camel). The first two are native Australian animals, and not a bat or a stick insect.... they are bigger...well possibly number two is the same size as a large bat.

  5. 2. is a Tawny Frogmouth... I guessed that when I read the first line...

    1. You also have the knowledge that I was trying to photograph one a few hours before I wrote these... Yes it is a Tawny Frogmouth.

      Anyone know what the first riddles answer is?

    2. Yes... I do know.... I just figured that you would not publish my comment if I answered both riddles...

  6. #1 or #2 Tawny Frogmouth?

    1. #2 is a tawny Frogmouth, Jane I give you permission to answer the first riddle now.

  7. Number one is a Kangaroo. It is actually quite easy really, well I thought it was.