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Liebster Award

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Now don't panic at that title, I think I may be risking a lot in nominating people again, so I am just answering questions and then the award stops here.... Until I am nominated yet again I suppose. The difference about this  Liebster Award is it is greeny-blue instead of pink.... yes a lot of difference.. but I must thank Beth at Homeschool Girl. "Thanks". As for rules.....scrap rules.... here I go.

11 facts about me:

I find facts about me are really hard for me to think of.
I have not yet brushed my hair today...
I left these to last even though they are at the top.
I love smelling books, reading books, buying books, owning books....I can hardly wait till the local book fair!
I have really long hair...which most of you know.... and it takes ages to brush.
I am really bad at spelling....really
I have memorized heaps of poems.... which I think  all have rhymes, but some are rather long, like The Man From Snowy River and The Story of Mongrel Grey, both by Banjo Patterson.
I am 16 years older than one of my sisters
I know how to use a screwdriver....if I can remember which way to turn it.. which is highly unlikely 
I think this counts as 11 facts.

11 questions Answered:

Do you like answering questions?
Depends....on who asks and what they are.

What’s your favourite book?
Right this instant it is Dune by Frank Herbert, but that is only because I am reading it right now and it is going to go along with some of my all time favourites. Except I'm not reading it right now because I am writing this instead.... and I would much rather be reading... but I must also do schoolwork before I can read it... I stayed up quite late last night because of it.... well I wasn't up actually..... I had a torch..

What’s a Christmas gift you’d really love?
A landscape lenses for my camera or even a proper flash..... but I will probably have to save up... Hopefully I will get some more photo shoots to do soon.

What are some of your favourite blogs to read?
FAVOURITE! ahh that word I don't know. I like nearly all the blogs of people I know, because I know them and they are normally interesting and can be rather funny.... but people I don't know... The Arsenal.... Dreaming Hobbit.... A true Focus Photography... and there are so many others....

Is there a particular project you’re working on at the moment?
Trying to decide what I am going to do next.... it is really hard... deciding that is. I am also doing a cross stitch... which I made a mistake on.... which messes up a lot....

Chinese, Indian or Thai food?
Chinese, Indian or Thai food what? questions like this are dangerous.... what about the food? I don't want any of them to take over the world....or eat me...I do not wish to be Thai food! But to eat I'd go... wait I would rather eat Chinese food. We are talking about food aren't we? I do not wish to eat a Chinese citizen or an Indian. Then of course you could mean Indian as in coming from India (the country) but you could mean Indian as in a native american.... and you could mean a bit of both... Indian food... but which Indian? I don't think I have eaten native american food... but then I could have.. what do native american eat?... and I don't even know if I have eaten Thai food.... I don't actually like going out to eat much.... to many nasties in the food... so is this homemade Chinese, Indian or Thai food, or bought? could I take homemade.... or nothing... and just eat Australian food? (Meaning food sort of food, I do not want to eat Australians, might as well eat myself)

Are you a fan of nail polish?
Yes quite. Wait read all of this! I am assuming that the word fan in this instant does not mean an apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation? If so than I am no fan.... I don't enjoy spinning round and round.... or being attached to the roof. Now we have got that clear. I think by fan you mean "a person who has a strong interest in or admiration in a particular person or thing". I don't have any admiration for nail polish, but I do have strong opinions about it. Now that is all clear I will answer the question. I am a fan if it being exterminated from the universe.

What’s one question you wish I’d asked?
um I don't know..why are some of your pets named after things/characters in Tolkien's books? but of course you may not know that... and I don't even know why....

What is the answer to that question?
Well maybe just because I think he is the greatest writer ever.... I really should have thought of a better question.... I'm sure there are lots more interesting ones... I just can't think of any now I am supposed to... but it did give me a chance to mention Silmaril, which is the name of one of my chooks. She is an almost white araucana (You can't really call her white or grey). Her name comes from the Silmarillion. (or it was an excuse to put some photos in the post...which I had to do!)

Would you rather–travel wherever in the world but never be able to return to your home country OR never leave your home country?
Never leave Australia! That was really easy.

Are these the best questions or what?
What, what? what does that word mean? Well in this case... asking for information specifying something...? but specifying what? well exactly I suppose, specifying what... well I have no idea what I am even talking about.... was that what meaning you miss heard one of my previous answers? but when you asked them I had not yet answered them.... but maybe you know what generally happens when I start to answer questions and  it gets rather crazy and hard to understand at times.... well I agree.... but sometimes the questions are not very clear.... and it gets confusing, what? what..... well forget it... I am going to stop now before something blows up which is quite likely... at least it could be. I don't want to find out!

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  1. What 'what' are you asking? Or to put it another way, why are you asking 'What'?