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What I Believe: answered

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Now I shall answer the questions asked. There are only four but because of the sort of questions the answers will probably be rather difficult to answer. Thank you Emily Dempster and Esther Filbrun for the questions.

What do you believe about hugging people?
I never used to like hugs at all but I had a friend who....well she didn't notice I didn't like them....and as time went on I actually came to like it; hugs from other girls/ladies that is. So I do really like hugs, but not from guys. I believe that hugging guys is not a good thing to do, it is too intimate, and anyway what sort of hug do you do? AWKWARD

If I were to hug a guy I would think that it was a sign of affection that I should only be showing to the man I one day marry. So sorry guys but no hugs. Unless you are already married to me, but you may have to wait a few years for that too and only one guy will get that.

I  really do like hugs from other girls/ladies. But I don't hug any guys unless I am related to them (my dad, cousins and uncles). For more reasons I agree with check out Reagan's Why I don't Hug Girls series. He puts a lot of thought into all his posts.

Of course not everyone will agree with me but that is not the point, this is about what I believe. 

What do you believe about women having jobs verses at home, in the church, etc...? 
Now this is difficult... I am currently trying to work out what I believe about this. I do believe that once a women is married her duty is to her husband and then children and she should not be working outside the home. I believe it is then her place to support her husband by making his home a beautiful place and raising his children, while he supports her financially. I am not condemning those women who do work outside the home but this is what I believe. God created us for man, and he made us with separate roles, with different positions. Which makes me think of a quote I really like;  

"The woman came from a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected. And next to the heart to be loved."

But before a woman is married, I think she should be serving in her home definitely but also.... Maybe she could get a job too, but she would have to be careful. I am really not sure about what I think about this. I think it would be ok to get a job. (I do occasionally get paid to clean the church. and I do paid photo shoots.... so they are sort of Jobs, and I think they are all good)

With the "in the church" part of the question, I certainly believe a young lady, woman, young man, man should all be serving in the church. If we truly love the Father/Groom we will love the Bride (the church). In the church we should be serving God and each other, there are so many things that each of us can do, right from washing up and weeding church gardens to teaching the children and leading worship and all the in between.

What do you believe about dating and courtship?
First of all I must say the words dating and courtship have no one meaning, people sometimes call things I would call courtship dating and dating courtship and then one can even get to betrothal fitting my definition of courtship. So it can all get very confusing. 

I believe in using the word courtship, it is the middle one after all. I would define dating (I define it, others define differently) as when a guy and girl go "out" together somewhere for the purpose of enjoyment. Short term enjoyment, that often, but not always, ends in one or both of them being hurt. 

I define courtship as a relationship of a man and woman pursuing the goal of marriage. Well they are getting to know each other to find out if they would be suitable for each other and if that is God's will.  I believe it is a thing between the two families and the parents help a lot in the process. It is quite different to dating in a number of ways, they would not be entirely alone, though at times they may be out of hearing distance from others and also it is about getting to know each other and pulling each other towards God and not the selfish relationship I defined dating as.

What do you believe the way to heaven is?
Hmm interesting...short answer: through Jesus. Long answer: I believe each one who is saved is first predestined, at some time in our lives we are called to accept Christ and we do. The bible (Gods word) is the highest authority. And I know that when I die I shall gain Christ and heavenly Glory..... oh these things are hard to explain...

Romans 8:30
And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.

as Paul said in Philippians 1:21
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

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  1. I awarded you on my blog! :D Also, check out my giveaway ending in 2 days!

    1. Thanks. Though I can't enter in your give away as You said it can only be sent to places in America, and that is not me, I'm Aussie through and through!

  2. Very thought-provoking. Great post! Do you really live in Australia!
    Amanda B.

    1. Yes I do live in Australia.... and I have never been out of the county.... or any further west than Adelaide or up into QLD.

  3. Sorry it's taken me a bit to comment... :)

    That's pretty much what I thought you would say to my questions. :)

    It's interesting what you say about predestination - I have always found that part of scripture difficult to understand as the Bible also says "...your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish." (Matthew 18:14) I always kinda thought predestination was part of what set humans apart from the rest of creation - God's special promise to mankind that no animal or living thing can claim. Anyway, they are just my rambling thoughts - I could be wrong. :)