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DUNE by Frank Herbert

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I just finished reading this book and it is so good I have to rave about it a little...

Dune is the first book in the Dune Chronicles. It is a science fiction story set in another universe. The main character Paul moves from his home planet Caladan to Arrakis in which water is a most precious thing. There is plotting at every corner; Paul, his mother and other’s lives are constantly in danger. 

The world is very well written and believable, what with customs, beliefs and snippets of language and words of its own. The book sure made me appreciate the water we have. On Arrakis water is a sign of wealth, because of its rarity. I had so much trouble trying to put the book down while reading it, it is so fast paced. There is also a lot of foreshadowing that is done very well.

Dune is one of the best science fiction books I have read. I really cared about the characters, there were a lot of tense scenes as well as mysterious ones. It is a bit like star wars, a bit like Tolkien’s world a bit like some Arab legend, but it is really completely something on its own.

The worst thing is probably the actual story, when I think of the whole thing it is not all that amazing. When I said it is like Tolkien’s world I mean ‘world’ not story. Some people might find this book confusing but I, as I do, found the world captivating and the people like real people. (though some have rather cool, superhuman abilities like the Mentats and Bene Gesserit)

I think Dune is a great fun, exciting, epic read. Though I would caution about the slight religiousness of it. It seems to have mixed many religions like Christianity and Islam with others and made a religion of its own. I think this is okay in a story but it is there. Because of that I would recommend it to mature readers. But this is a must read book especially if you really like magnificently crafted worlds.

To think, that book has been sitting on my dads bookshelf for years and years...and has been a "will find time to read some time" for about a year for me.... find some time! Find a copy and read it!

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