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Baby Wrap Dress

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You will need denim and some other material of your choice, thread, two buttons, a needle, pins, a sewing machine and some time. A pattern would also be useful I suppose... or something to copy the shape of the top off. The three shapes for the top can each be cut out of a bit of denim the size of an A4 piece of paper.. (scissors would also be useful to cut the fabric)

I made the top first. It is three piece of denim with a few small strips for the edges. for each edge I used strips of denim 3-4 cm wide and however long they needed to be to either go around the arm holes or go all they way along the top of the dress. I sewed the three main pieces together and over-locked the edges of the denim. Then I sewed the 3cm strip to each arm hole as if it were to be a really short sleeve. Then  I folded that in and folded the raw edge under and sewed it in place (I used pins here too) 

The arm holes were probably the most tricky part but they worked. 

I did the hem (can you call it a hem if done this way?) of the top the same too, it is just one long strip of denim. So then the top is done and I had got to the skirt. The checked material was a square 37cm X 159cm, quite big really! I got a thread that was just longer then the length of the top of the dress and when in and out and in and out and..... got all the pleats into the skirt part of the dress. The I just spread out the pleats evenly leaving a little length at tech end pleat free and pinned them together. The sewed the denim to the checks and pulled out the thread I had used to make the pleats.

Then I over-locked those two raw edges together, using up so much thread that I almost used an entire spool of it by the time the dress was finished. Then I decided how long I wanted the bit of denim at the bottom to be and cut pieces accordingly. I wanted the gain of the denim to be going the same way so it meant I had to join about five pieces together (over-locking the raw edges) then I sewed it on and over-locked and hemmed (normally). Then I over-locked the side edges of the wrap dress and folded them in and sewed them so they would stay in. I sewed two buttons on. Then I cut two holes in the beautiful dress! Button holes and sewed around them and pushed the buttons through! and now I have a beautiful dress for Ann when she is a little bigger. The buttons are on the back/sides of the dress.

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