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Seeing... my chooks outside the lounge room window..not good if you know they are meant to be in the chook yard.
Hearing...  Ann crying
Smelling... What I am not smelling! Well if I am it must be nice anyway I did have a shower yesterday! how dare you suggest...
Tasting... corn chips...little bits that refuse to remove themselves from my teeth.
Wanting... to fly
Feeling... like I must have been really stupid to leave the second gate into the chook yard open last night.... hence the chooks walked right out.
Wishing... that I had though to close it.
Thinking... that at least I remembered to fill up the bin of chook food before I went to lock them up tonight, and needed food to lure them in.
Laughing... I'm not.... I'm really very serious....extremely so why would I laugh, execpt that I am smiling now but no matter.

Anticipating... hmm what is happening soon.. singing at church on Sunday, the local show.... yes I know but it is only 77 days 12 hours 25 minutes to go till the show! And there is the book fair too, I just can't find if there is a date set for it yet.
Hoping... that I will get another photo shoot to do soon. 
Dreaming... actually I am quite awake, but then one can dream while awake, one can dream of amazing completely impossible things, and make them seem real. One can dream of things that are to be, and there is always that slight chance that they may come true.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
~Colin Powell

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
~T. E. Lawrence

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
~Anatole France

And I might add it has to be Gods will.

Praying... in  the quiet of early morning, in the coldness, praying in bed at the end of the day before I sleep and drift away, praying in the cool wind below the clouds and peaking sun, praising The lord for of all days for this one. 
Reading... well I have just finished some books again "Escape From Shangri-La" and "Why The Whales Came" by Michael Morpurgo. And before that "The Youngest Templar" series by Michael P. Spradlin. Which I enjoyed but found some part really annoying, the characters got out of trouble by the magic of the grail... I would have preferred a bit more fighting to make it more believable and maybe some of the stuff just happening my chance and not being saved by a small dog....
Recovering... some photos I accidentally deleted, luckily I still have the originals on my camera.
Listening... to the sound track from "The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey". 

Wearing... away the keyboard... oh on me? Well.. black socks, light brown loose trousers, a green shirt under a light green cardigan and a headband thing of a similar green to the cardigan.... actually it is a strip of material that I have wound and tied as a headband round my head..... because last night I needed a headband and didn't have any to go with my green so I made one. out of an old sheet..... actually "making" only involved cutting one ed of the blanket and folding it.
Preparing... for battle I am about to have to fight for my life, the enemy is closing in, well the music I'm listing to sounds right for it..... nothing
Remembering... waving goodbye to my grandparents, the last thing I saw was an arm waved out of the car window just after the car turned then it went away out of sight behind a bush. 
Believing... that even if I don't see Grandpa on this earth again, which I may, I will see him again after I have seen my Lord Jesus.

Regretting... putting this music on.... I should have gone for something more peaceful and calming
Trying... to find the right music track....for something more peaceful
Questioning... Why didn't I just do a search for the CD's name to begin with....I knew it was something like "In The Morning" ? but no I have to look for it for ages first..
Fearing... that a dragon might eat me...... well no but anyway we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" last night, we decided since the second on has just come out we better watch the first one.
Loving... Jumpers and jackets and cardigans and nice warm things that look nice too. 
Googling... How to make headbands, AFTER I had made mine.....
Watching on You Tube... Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion | Messy Mondays  and in particular the silliness of the creation evolution debate under it..... especially after watching the video..... do people really think arguing and insulting each other is going to convert people? 
Choosing... Not to join it, it is hard when reading that sort of thing not to get offended and have to say something to back my POV but really I do see it is pointless especially since God and everything about him seem foolishness to those who are not chosen. But it is sad to see people being deceived by the lies of evolution!
Calling... A NEW SENIOR PASTOR TO OUR CHURCH! it is so exciting.... well I'm excited and can't wait to meet the rest of his family. Well I'm not calling him the whole church is! 
Working... well I did work on my photography course and now I have completed it. 
Emailing.... Open2Study.... they keep sending me emails even though I tried to delete my account and I can no longer log on to it.... and apparently I haven't deleted it.... except I have and I keep getting emails...
Gluing... my shoes together... NO not like that I mean gluing the sole of my shoe to the other part of the sole of my shoe...wouldn't want any lost souls floating around now would we! 
Cracking... sticks for our fire
Thanking... God for my natural photographic eye! There are so many things I see and then know they would make a beautiful photo subject. (when I go walking I often say I am going looking for a photo)
Turning... nothing, well so I thought then I realized I was turning my finger around in circles, well drawing circles in the air with it. It also happens that I turned around on my chair to try find inspiration for what I was turning... found it!
Realizing... That people have put in an application to mine gravel from an old quarry further down our road! As if the mines aren't noisy and dusty enough already! If that goes ahead we will have huge trucks hauling rocks up the road! Back and forwards past our house!
Checking... where the place actually is
Organizing... nothing... what can we do about it...
Moving... ..not likely, we like it here. Though we were told the mine would be happy to buy us out if we continued to complain about the noise...... thanks.... you wouldn't do anything to make it less noisy would you?
Reckoning... I should do something about it, but what?
Smiling... I'm not, right now anyway.

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