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Where Now?

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Where now are the horse and carriage?
Where are the bullock pulled drays?
Where are the old farm homesteads?
They are gone, things of elder days.

Where now are the virtuous women?
Where are their good children gone?
Where are the close knit families?
What good teaching has been withdrawn?

Much stuff of elder times 
Is now replaced with more convenient things
We have better communication, travel 
Now by cars and machines with wings

But the people of long ago?
The values they lived by?
Where is the noble character?
Did it with that generation die?

Are there any of them left?
Yet I know there are a few
They be far between, but they are there
I ask, will one of them be you?

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  1. Great poem, Clare! :) All too true.

  2. I really like the photo - very nice. :)

  3. Love, love, love it, Clare! :)


    1. Thanks everyone! It must be the message of the poem you like I suppose, or maybe the rhyme along with it. The funny thing is that I normally edit and write a poem over a few days or longer but this one I just wrote and it is here exactly how I wrote it except for one word I added.