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Review of The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

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I have had the chance to review a book before it was published. Though to tell the truth it is actually published now so you can go get a copy of it. But I got to read it before it was published which I think is rather cool! I got sent a PDF form of the book (which I printed out) and got to read it; all I had to do was write a review! The book sounded rather interesting and slightly like a story idea I once had that never turned into anything, so that is what I did and I finished reading it a few days ago and have been putting off writing the review because I have never written a proper review before. Now I have done it though so here it is. And by the way you can check out Ashlee Willis Blog here.

Review of The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

Posy falls into a book in which she must help the characters fight to free themselves from the plot which has been corrupted through the years. It has been made into a dark fairy-tale apparently to attract readers. It is a book of mystique, romance, talking animals and mythical creatures. It takes you to a world unlike any other which means that anything could happen. Posy finds it hard to tell whom she should trust, if anyone.

I really felt for the characters and I felt like Posy was real and she had just tumbled into a story. Trying to get my head around how the “world” Posy had fallen into worked was fascinating and kept me turning the pages. I fell in love with the world. The Word Changers is such a unique book; the whole lot of it was so unlike any other. The book it is most like though would be one from Inkheart or the Narnia series though again it is nothing like them. The uniqueness made it unpredictable in a very good way. I felt like anything at all could happen, and the strangest things did at times.

The allegory of the book made the story all the better and was done very well. All through the book I found sentences that contained such gems of truth. 

If you like magical mythical creatures both good and bad, creatures that can talk and a bit of romance too you will enjoy this book. And if you don’t like romance much you will possibly enjoy it too. The romance was the only thing I didn’t really like but that is just me personally, and I still enjoyed the book. I’d recommend it for readers aged 10-15 as long as the romance isn’t an issue, but older people will enjoy it too. The concept of the world is just so intriguing and mystifying. 

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