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Sausages: Things That Scare Me

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Sausages are terrifying things are they not? Yes well okay they are not... they are really quite tasty. But, they can be scary too... and can attack quite ferociously if upset. You think a sausage would not get upset? I think they do really have all rights to after being cooked for a while in the oven.... I'd sure be upset if someone cooked me.... actually I'd be dead, and wouldn't be able to be upset. 

Anyway the sausages we buy don't have any preservatives so a lot of the fat actually comes out of them when we cook them... and it has to get out somehow. Normally it chooses to explode out when I am taking the hot tray of them out of the oven so I can turn them over. Hot fat sprayed all over your arms is not nice. Then of course if they do start spraying sausage guts everywhere I try put the tray down quickly which has ended up in me tipping the fat in the bottom of the tray on myself.. not a smart move. Really not a smart move... 

Another terrifying thing could be trying to get them out of the freezer without freezing, or falling in. Well the freezer isn't quite that big (Though I could fit in it) but if one has to get something out of the very bottom it can be quite a challenge. More so if the bag of sausages has decided to stick to the bottom or to another lump of meat. 

By far the most scary thing about sausages though is having to go and pick them up from a meat place.... what are they called... oh some obvious name that is eluding me at the moment.  That is a thing I was meant to do yesterday. I had thought it would be a little scary but fairly straight forward. I was just to get there at four and ask for the 15kg of  Fail Safe sausages the Farrellys' had ordered and pay for them... Oh but it was not to be so easy. 

In the end we can home with 5kg of sausages that cost a few more dollars per kg than we had previously paid.... and a rather confused me... I was asked lots of questions about the sausages and how often we bought them and how often we ate them and other stuff and if we wanted some now and that we could get them in smaller lots now.... we had only been able to get a minimum of 15kg before... I think. Now apparently  we don't need to get them ordered and made special as they have started selling them to other people..... all so confusing I had no idea what he was talking about some of the time. 

Well we got some sausages anyway... And that is why sausages are terrifying.... they are... but the people who make them are more so. I think I'm feeling a little crazy at the moment....  

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