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More Photos of my Sweet Smiley Sister

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Ann is five months old, and a few days by now. She is getting good at moving around. She can roll over and over until she crashes. She also slides slowly backwards while on her tummy until she gets wedged under a lounge or the sideboard. She is so happy and smiley though (most of the time). I also feel really guilty when she watches me eating things. Ann looks at any food we are eating, no wonder she puts everything in her mouth! We do it all the time. She will just sit or lie really still and watch... eyes never leaving the food while we eat. 

She had a lot of fun playing with "The Baby in the Mirror" the other day when I took these photos. Trying to grab the baby and touch its fingers she laughed at it. She saw my reflection in the mirror and laughed and smiled for it too. 

My Sweet Smiley Sister with one of her Big Beautiful sisters

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