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~The Sunflower Award~

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Well it appears I have been nominated for another blogger award by His Princess over at Growing Up Country. So I have more questions to answer yet again. Not that I dislike questions at all... but I'm dreading when I get to the end of this and have to nominate someone. This appears to be slightly different to the Sunshine award I got a while ago.... there are less questions and no rules. Though possibly I could not nominate anyone as I don't see anywhere that It says I have to. Again there seems to be no particular reason for this award... but supposedly it is again along the same lines of my blog being in interesting.... or at least existing.

Ah speaking of existing I know who I can nominate... Milk Maid... wait that is not what she is called..... I just have that name stuck in my head... tis Dairy Maid otherwise known as Lecheria Criada. I nominate you Dairy Maid. It never said how many people one had to nominate either so I shall chose one.  If I nominate anyone else Alice, Zach and Sarah who Jane has nominated won't have anyone to nominate. So just you Lecheria CriadaNow to answer the questions.

Favorite book?
The Bible, without the message it contains life would be pointless. 

If you could play any character in any book or movie who would you be?
Since characters have such precarious lives that could be destroyed on an authors whim.. I'm not entirely sure. They also seem to have it quite tough, it often seems the tougher they have it the better the book. But that word PLAY, what is that alluding to? Play their part in a play? Well if so I would be a nobody... the most nobody person possible. Otherwise I would have to perform in-front of others and that is something that I do not have the slightest wish to do. At all.  

Most disliked Hollywood figure?
This is very easy, none... Don't get me wrong, the only reason I say none is because I don't know any. Even if I do know some... do I? I couldn't care less what they do, I couldn't be bothered knowing who they were so I could dislike them.

Pit fire or BBQ?
I think it would be nicer to be burned alive in a pit fire, as a BBQ would take to long. I'd also tie a bag of gunpowder around my neck, that would make dying much quicker to. Currently though I am not in the mood to kill myself, so neither.

Note: I have just been reading about people being burned alive at the stake.

Which would make a better wood-carrier ah well if 'wood-carrier' is a kenning it could be either. A pit fire could be a 'wood-carrier' or a 'wood-eater' or 'flame-grower'. In most cases a BBQ would not be a 'wood-carrier' but our old one is, well the base of it has been turned into a wood trolley. So both, but the fire pit more so. And if you don't know what in the world I'm talking about, bad luck. (try looking up what a kenning is)

Least favorite school subject?
Maths. Notice that in the fire.... *grins* that is a maths book cover.... and all our fires this year have been started with pages of maths books! What's more my old maths books. Ah what a pretty sight!

What time is it?
When I am writing this it is 10:18 here in this part of NSW Australia. But I am not planing on publishing this today (because the home school inspector is going to look at my blog)... so what time is it as you read this that I wrote this, Yesterday. Though if you take your time finding this then the day before yesterday... or even yesteryear, depending on when you read this. 

It a moment, one moment in time, one precious moment I have been given by my creator. I thank him for them all, for I not not how long these moments for me will last.

If you had five minutes to get out of your house before it collapsed, what three things would you grab?
Well lets assume it was burning, because Jane had set the blinds on fire with the flaming toast. That was quite a sight.... sadly I was not there to take a photo of it though because I was outside with my camera. So there is a fire in the kitchen. I already have my camera. lets also assume I can't put the fire out. Or maybe we haven't tried yet, bu it is already really big. I would grab the NAS drive (which has all our computer files on it) And then go into my room which wouldn't yet be on fire and get some of my old diaries or art books.... and maybe my quilt. 

Why assume burning.... because God said he would never again cover the whole world with a flood..... and we are not low enough for a local flood. And earthquakes are also rather unlikely around here..... unless the mines decide to dig under our house.... or bring their open cut mines any closer.... their exploding does rather shake the ground but hopefully not that much!

Sweet tea or lemon aid?
Is the stickiest? Probably lemonade.... At least in my experience.... but I would suggest drinking them and not pouring them allover yourself, though if you do wish to do that tell me first so I can come and take photos of you doing it.

But again why 'lemon aid' in my experience it is called 'lemonade'.
Possibly this mysterious 'lemon aid' is not at all sticky and is something to aid in getting lemons off trees..... Tis possible, so definitely that 'lemon aid' because I highly doubt that sweet tea would be any help in getting lemons of trees.

Favorite Summer food?
Something cool, that I like the taste of.

And as I was just about to publish this I saw that Zach had done a post and nominated everyone on his blog radar.... so it appears I have more questions to answer..... and it shall be a while longer before I post this, so here goes. Actually I like answering questions. and as I hadn't published this yet.... I wasn't sure if I was exempt, the answers just wont be as long.

How often do you blog as opposed to how often do you think you should blog
Well I think I blog quite enough.... if I blogged more than I do I would have to do a post a day! As it seems I am doing at the moment....or two yesterday...

What is your personal favorite use of computers (Research, Design, Punching, etc.)
Research... and design. I do not enjoy punching computers, but it does at times become necessary...or seems almost so.

What is your Favorite Book series apart from Rangers Apprentice, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Space Trilogy (By C.S Lewis)
(I almost put an '.etc' there....)
Well you have removed two of my favourite writers and one that is quite high on the list out of posibility, but there is another. STEPHEN R LAWHEAD! but which series of his.... either the Pendragon Cycle or the King Raven trilogy. 

Do you have a favorite pen/pencil?
One that works...

If So, why is it your favorite?
Well a pen that does not work is rather useless... I give those to Jane.... not sure why she wants all the dead pens but anyway.

What is the time you normally wake up (If it is before 6:00am, you get a bonus question: "HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT?")
Well in winter I wake up and feel cold and try think of any possibly excuse for not getting up.... it is normally about 6:40 that I run out of excuses. But in summer somewhere between 5 and 6..... I wouldn't want to miss any of those beautiful cool morning hours! As to how I do it when it is not cold I just get up..... and am awake.

What is your favorite activity?
Taking photos..... playing with photos.... reading.. ah but that was favourite so I suppose it would be something to do with photos.

Do you have draws under your desk, and if you do, would you be able to live without them?
No I just have a spot under my desk for putting shoes... socks... my bag and camera paraphernalia... camera bag and reflector (home made) 

Insanity Personality Test: You see some one do a triple back flip. Would you describe it as 'cool' or 'that person has a deathwish'?
 I personally have no wish to do such a thing... in some ways cool and I admire their ability.... but that person has a deathwish certainly comes to mind.

Oh and now I suppose I have to think of some questions to ask... So here are your questions Lecheria Criada.

~What is your favourite accessory? (scarves, necklaces, earrings, bracelets ect.)
~What colour are your eyes?
~Would you rather die by water or fire?
~What would you name a dun coloured horse if you had a chance to name it.
~Do you like sports?
~Are you looking forward to the end of the world?
~Do you like nick names?
~May I call you Milk Maid?
~Are you sick of answering questions?
~What is your favourite sort of hat?

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  1. I liked your answers, Clare! I shall endeavor to post my answers to your enquiries on my blog sometime today. :D
    Is it necessary for me to nominate someone, too?

    1. The idea is you nominate someone else, but as there are no rules there are no rules.

  2. Lol, great answers! By pit fire or BBQ I meant which one would you rather cook things over (people not included) and by 'lemon aid' I did indeed mean 'lemonade'. All the same I always love reading your answers. :)


    1. Oh it is so fun when you ask ambiguous questions like that! I rather suspected you weren't thinking I often cooked people, if I do that I generally use the lounge and they are then pelted with cushions.

    2. Lol, well then in that case I am glad you liked them! We use pine cones to pelt each other but I suppose cushions would work rather well too. :)