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The Fate of the Quest

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Today I had to write a lay of at least 16 lines for my Literature Lessons about some hero. I could chose a hero for a book or make up one.... It turned out I was not feeling imaginative so I decided on Sam from Lord Of The Rings. This is a lay. (Which is another name for a poem that tells a story and uses rhyming or other poetic form  (Lay: narrative poem about incident in a hero's life) Also feeling lazy this is just using rhyming...) This takes place as the fellowship is breaking up and Sam finds Frodo and goes with him to the "Cracks of Doom".

The Fate of the Quest

He knows his master would go west
And try to fulfil the frightful quest
He knows he’s going to find the Cracks of Doom
And go deep into Mordor’s Gloom
He knows Frodo would want to go alone
Go attempt the quest, all on his own
Boromir returns saying Frodo put on the ring
Sam worries; “Why would he do such a thing”
The company panics, Sam runs up the hill
He runs the way Frodo went until
Falling behind Aragorn, he stops to think
Brushes away tears with hand and blink
Then realizes that Frodo has screwed himself up to go
Without them, without him, into the shadow
Back to the boats, like lightning Sam goes 
The mind of his master he truly knows
Sam ran down to the water near Emyn Muil
Saw a boat sliding down in to the pool
The boat pulled away, oars worked by an unseen hand
Sam looked with dread at the water and back to the land
Though Sam feared, he leaped after the boat
Flailing in the water, he couldn’t keep afloat
Then pulled out by the unseen grip
With him the boat back to the bank does slip
“It would be the death of you to come, so
You must stay; it is to Mordor I go!”
“I know well enough it is to Mordor we row
But I’ll knock holes in the boat before I let you go”
A laugh escaped from Master Frodo
“We were meant to be together but it is to doom we go”
 Oh Sam my plan is spoilt you are so stubbern”
“It may not be so bad Frodo, maybe we shall return”
“We go on a quest into the land that’s most black
Even if we succeed it is not likely we shall get back”
 “Yet we may Mr Frodo, we may
We may succeed and get back home someday”
Sam’s small yet heroic deeds decided the fate of the quest
Sometimes the smallest choice leads to conquest.

I chose this because these events are somehow seem unimportant in comparison to a lot of other events and heroic deeds in the trilogy. But if Sam hadn't decided to stop and think, and then to leap into the water he was so afraid of the quest would have failed. Frodo could not have done it without him. So the small deed the small choice like Sam leaping out after the boat is just as important as other great choices made in the story. 

Little choices can seem insignificant. Yet the tiniest choice could change the future of the world.

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