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Awkward and Funny

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When we are making my birthday cake and we run out of sugar and go up to our neighbours to get some more… then we remembered that last year while making my cake we had run out of eggs.. And gone up to the neighbours to get some more… which we thought rather amusing and were wondering if we would run out of flour next year.

When everyone walks around singing “happy birthday to-morrow, happy birthday to-morrow” the day before my birthday…

“Are you ever not on the computer Clare? Other than when you are eating and reading”
“When I’m doing schoolwork, taking photos and sleeping” Hmm is this a bad thing? but I did have to laugh!

Walking along behind someone and then they stop…. I don’t.

Sheep staring at me 

When I only realize I’m wearing my long purple cape after I have walked quite a way along the road with my brothers to see the sheep up the road…. and everyone who drives past seem to be staring at me….. so I pointed my camera  at them… I then tried a panning photo and surprisingly it worked! And I have tried to do it a few more times afterwards and I couldn't get it quite right again... not the sort of photo I'd normally take but I do really like it. 

When at a park with my siblings and my littlest brother starts to cry (because he is tired) and won’t stop, the only thing I can do is let him cry…. And cry… and oh he did go on for such a long time. 

Bathing my chooks to get rid of mites they have on them… and getting the horrid stuff we washed them in all over me…. And in my mouth and eyes. Chooks have a way of getting their legs or one wing free then they just flap…. Mummy and I were covered.

Trying to carry my bag… and other items I’d just bought at the same time…. They were not in a bag….gloves…. termite killer….. ant poison… a spray bottle… and a full gas bottle…. Turns out I’m not that talented. Good thing I had parked the car fairly close. 

When I can’t remember for the life of me when my sister’s birthday is…. Or even worse how old I am… that is really bad…

Just an adorable lamb that I took a photo of.... so I had to put it somewhere... so sweet.

Being hopeless at a ball game… but sometimes it is inevitable that the ball will come my way…. I miss and as I turn to retrieve the ball I can feel all the eyes burning into my back…. watching me. As it gets later my serving the ball gets worse too and again everyone is watching me….. It was fun some of the time but it reminded me why I don’t often let my self be drawn in to playing games like that…. Beach volley ball it was or something of the sort..

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