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WhenThings Blow Up

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We had just warmed up some drinks of maple milk, hot chocolate, coffee and the such and were preparing to sit down to watch a movie. Then the kitchen light flickered. All the lights flickered....blacked out.. came back on. The dishwasher stopped and started beeping. Lights flickered more furiously. Black... flickering, black again flickering... then silence and total blackness. 

It is amazing how quiet everything is when all electrical appliances are turned off... Though in this case they had no power. No noisy dishwasher... fridge.. freezer... computers... battery chargers.... television... nothing... no light either. I found my torch, luckily I knew where it was. Daddy found his phone (it has a light on it)... actually it was in his hand and he was trying to send a document to a printer at the moment the lights started to flicker. (all his fault that something blew up) We then wandered around wondering what had happened, daddy looked at the inside switch board for a while, then went to check outside. 

Apparently smoke was coming out of the green boxy thing on the side of the shed (the outside/main switch board). We could see a cord in it looking rather bad.... and black-brown sooty stuff all around it. It was in fact so serious that some electricity people came out fairly soon! It was some 'safety issue' because there had been an electrical fire. They even fixed it without turning the main power off, that would have cut the power from other peoples houses too though. 

We went to bed before the power came back on but it was quite fun actually. Jane and I got a candle that sits in a glass lantern thing and lit it. The fire was going in the lounge room so we took it in there to give more light. We also brought all the 'sweet' things we were going to snack on during the movie in. It was quite nice sitting in a mostly dark room talking by fire and candle light. 

The computers also survived the ordeal, the worst thing is that the part of the switch board the blew up belonged to us.... so we are a little poorer. Over all quite fun and exciting really. Rather a different night that we had planed, but blog post worthy! Watching "The Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare isn't really.

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